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Midnight Hour 3378/3 14 mixes Alex Arcoleo | Josh Oliver
Slow & atmospheric pop with male vocals over 80s synth textures, deep bass & solid electro groove
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Headphones In 3378/4 14 mixes Alex Arcoleo | Josh Oliver
Atmospheric groove with percussive synth lead, ethereal pads, tropical keys & sampled loop FX
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Better Future 3378/6 15 mixes Alex Arcoleo | Josh Oliver
Fast electro pop groove with airy acoustic guitar loop, electric guitar hooks & ethereal synths throughout
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Find Our Space 3378/5 15 mixes Alex Arcoleo | Josh Oliver
Uplifting electronic pop with ''so I can find our space'' male vocal sample. Builds
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Half Hearted 3378/2 16 mixes Alex Arcoleo | Josh Oliver | Nick Kingswell
Slow, emotive pop with warm synths, laid-back beat & ethereal male vocals
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Your Future 3229/4 11 mixes Jeff Dale | Tim Reilly | James Scholes
Inspirational indie with epic synths & emotional guitars builds from contemplative piano opening
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Holmgang 3179/5 13 mixes Henry Counsell | Gudjon K Bodvarsson Waage | Richard Addicott | Bendik Toming
Feel good ambient pop with male vocals, guitars, gentle piano & steady beats
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Uniform 3179/2 11 mixes Henry Counsell | Gudjon K Bodvarsson Waage
Emotional, experimental pop song with solemn piano, harmony vocal backing & ambient drums
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Flying Like A Bird 3170/7 18 mixes Paddy Conn | Angelina Dove
Blissful & romantic ambient dream pop with airy female vocal
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Racing Green 3170/8 16 mixes Paddy Conn | Angelina Dove
Romantic female dream pop ballad with epic chorus featuring ambient synth & vocal layers
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Supercars 3170/4 16 mixes Paddy Conn | Angelina Dove
Relaxed guitar-based dream pop song with American road trip & supercar references. Cool female vocal
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Tropical Rain 3170/11 16 mixes Paddy Conn | Angelina Dove
Tranquil romantic ambient pop ballad with dreamy female vocals
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World Without Borders 3170/9 16 mixes Paddy Conn | Angelina Dove
Epic dream pop with ambient layers, piano & soaring female vocals
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Something Inside 3157/1 7 mixes Barrie Gledden | Jason Pedder | Jessica Greenfield
Warm reflective ambient pop ballad with passionate female vocal & big uplifting chorus
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Future Gone 3136/4 10 mixes Alex Arcoleo | Josh Oliver
Reflective pop ballad with ambient tremolo guitars, synths, beats & introspective vocoded male vocal
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It's Go 3136/5 10 mixes Alex Arcoleo | Josh Oliver
Bright ambient pop song with male vocal, warm synths & atmospheric vocal effects over trap beats & four on the floor
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Waiting Here 3136/6 11 mixes Alex Arcoleo | Josh Oliver
Melancholic pop ballad with yearning male vocal, soft synths, plaintive indie guitars & lo-fi trip hop beats
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Human 3133/2 17 mixes Amberly Shepherd | Luke Aekins-Rielly
Reflective pop with emotional vocal, piano melody & percussive groove
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Curious Game 3133/1 18 mixes Amberly Shepherd | Luke Aekins-Rielly
Moody electro pop with female vocal, bright piano, punchy FX & percussive beat
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No More Tears 3124/3 10 mixes Paul Timothy Carr | Jamie Elder
Chilled, filtered pads & smooth vocal over laid-back groove builds to choppy syncopated synths & pitched up vocal fx
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Make You Believe 3124/7 10 mixes James Oliver Hutchinson | Jamie Elder
Guitar arpeggios, piano & female vocals over ambient, slo-mo groove builds to climactic drop with stuttering synth fx
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Trouble Where You Are 3112/2 12 mixes Robbie Redway
Brooding, down-tempo electronic pop with hip hop inspired groove & male vocal. Builds
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So Many Hours 3112/4 14 mixes Robbie Redway
Laid-back big beat electronic pop with evolving synths, powerful male vocal & emotive chorus
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A Common Sense 3112/3 13 mixes Robbie Redway
Synth arpeggio-laden electronica with falsetto male vocals & piano
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Now That I Know You 3111/3 12 mixes Noemia Alves | Henry White | Nathan Feddo
Anthemic, uplifting pop song with dreamy female vocals, powerful drums, synths & playful piano ending
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