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Somewhere Else To Go 3419/6 12 mixes Keren Or Tayar
Gentle acoustic pop with sweet female vocal, picked acoustic guitar, keys & soft, textural backing vocals
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They Were There 3414/10 11 mixes Nik Kershaw
Moving ballad featuring acoustic guitar, strings, male vocal & haunting lyrics
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Needing You 3401/2 14 mixes Chris Bussey | Craig Bussey | Michael Scott | Michael Edward Mclafferty
Intimate piano ballad with heartfelt male vocal, sparse percussion & vocal FX
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Reason To Survive 3401/4 11 mixes Chris Bussey | Craig Bussey | Michael Scott
Dark heartbreak pop ballad with piano, strings, male vocal, morphed vocal FX & subdued beat
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Easy Love 3393/1 16 mixes Nick Kingswell
Mid-tempo rhythmic guitar driven song with heartfelt male vocal over cello, synth ambience & sub bass
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I Like Drinking (Acoustic Remix) 3371/7 1 mixes Bob Bradley | Lauren Henson | John Beck
Catchy pop song with acoustic guitar & female vocals
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Anywhere You Are 3279/3 13 mixes Josh Oliver | Edward Hogston
Romantic folk pop with ethereal textures, finger-picked guitar, piano, strings & gentle male vocal
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Warm Again 3279/1 11 mixes Josh Oliver | Edward Hogston
Dark & moody acoustic pop with male vocal, guitar, piano, atmospheric textures & synths
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Caught In The Middle 3279/5 13 mixes Josh Oliver | Edward Hogston
Acoustic pop with ukulele textures, acoustic guitar, ethereal male vocal & string builds
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Sunlight And Ashes 3193/3 7 mixes Will Cookson
Plaintive ballad with intimate solo male & duet vocals. Builds to emotional climax with lush strings & solo cello
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Big Dark World 3193/5 12 mixes Will Cookson
Theatrical minor key piano ballad with male vocals, dramatic strings & pounding drum
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By Candlelight 3193/6 9 mixes Will Cookson
Delicate ballad with piano, intimate male vocal, warm strings & poignant lyrical themes
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It's The American Dream Acoustic 3170/5 10 mixes Paddy Conn | Angelina Dove
Reflective piano-led ballad with layered ambient pads & poignant female vocal
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Daughter Of The Moon 3146/5 11 mixes Annie Drury
Beautiful pop ballad with intimate vocals, uplifting piano, strings & solo brass
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Fall At Your Feet 3146/1 12 mixes Annie Drury
Affectionate pop ballad with heartfelt vocals & stirring strings. Builds
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Sleeping Alone Tonight 3146/6 13 mixes Annie Drury
Introspective pop ballad with wistful vocals, piano & strings. Builds
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Time To Grow 3146/2 13 mixes Annie Drury
Reflective pop ballad with emotional female vocals & gentle piano. Builds
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We Are The Lucky Ones 3146/3 13 mixes Annie Drury
Blissful, heartfelt pop ballad with calming backing vocals, piano & strings
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You Took Me Dancing 3146/7 11 mixes Annie Drury
Warm & intimate pop ballad with female vocal, piano & strings
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Is This A Blackout 3146/4 12 mixes Annie Drury
Emotional pop ballad with vulnerable female vocal, emotive piano & strings
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Up There 3133/4 16 mixes Amberly Shepherd | Luke Aekins-Rielly
Emotional pop with acoustic guitar, building drums & haunting female vocal
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Twisted Paradise 3133/3 14 mixes Amberly Shepherd | Luke Aekins-Rielly
Thoughtful pop ballad with emotion vocal & bright piano backing
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Goodbye Love 3129/8 13 mixes Jonathan Lloyd | Clif Norrell
Gentle acoustic indie folk ballad with male vocal about letting go of the past
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Can't Change Christmas 3085/5 8 mixes Will Cookson | Amy May Ellis
Upbeat festive indie folk song with quirky electric piano & female vocal. Builds with sing-along chorus
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I'll Be Back For Christmas 3085/7 7 mixes Will Cookson | Amy May Ellis
Reflective Christmas ballad with piano & yearning female vocal. Builds with marching drum & trumpet
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