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Back On Up 3364/2 13 mixes Joshua Alan Barlow | Andy Cooper
Mid-tempo 'gangsta' groove with male/female vocal hook, dramatic synth stabs & funky Moog keyboard hooks
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G Walk 3364/3 11 mixes Joshua Alan Barlow | Andy Cooper
Drum-led ‘gangsta’ beat with buzzing synth lead, multiple percussive elements & "walk the walk" vocal hook
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Here's The Answer 3364/4 13 mixes Joshua Alan Barlow | Andy Cooper
Neo soul hip hop groove with smooth synth bass line, funky off-beat guitar & male/female vocals
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It's Too Hot 3364/5 14 mixes Joshua Alan Barlow | Andy Cooper
Early 00s hip hop with male/female vocals, synths & rhythmic oriental sounds over a driving reggaeton groove
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Leave It To The Expert 3364/6 14 mixes Joshua Alan Barlow | Andy Cooper
Mid-tempo hip hop groove with dramatic synth strings, additional percussive rhythms & repeating vocal hook
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Stylin' 3364/10 13 mixes Joshua Alan Barlow | Andy Cooper
Moody, early 00s hip hop groove with male/female vocal hooks, synth strings, keyboards & percussive rhythms
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Take It Over The Top 3364/7 13 mixes Joshua Alan Barlow | Andy Cooper
Uptempo hip hop groove with driving drums & handclaps, acoustic & jangly electric guitars & catchy vocal hooks
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You Know What's Going Down 3364/1 13 mixes Joshua Alan Barlow | Andy Cooper
Club R&B/hip hop groove with dirty synth bass & gang vocal chants
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Want It Need It 3364/8 13 mixes Joshua Alan Barlow | Andy Cooper
Heavy hip hop groove with gritty, dramatic synths, big drums & aggressive vocal shouts
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What You Wanna Do 3364/9 13 mixes Joshua Alan Barlow | Andy Cooper
Early 00s-flavoured hip hop beats with buzzing synth topline, handclaps & catchy male/female vocal hook
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Back To Yesterday 3317/8 12 mixes Craig Hardy | Carolyn Jordan | Caroline Gustavsson
Bright tropical pop with bouncy synths, hooky chorus & contemplative female vocals
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Ain't No Thing 3222/4 8 mixes Shelley Nelson | Alexander Mercier | Pablo Love | Campbell E Browning
Female vocal led 2 step UK garage with arpeggiating synth strings, big bass & beats
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Ethereal Grime 3155/9 12 mixes Sean Allen
Eerie organ sample loop with hard grime beats, deep bass & hypnotic synths
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Filter 3155/5 12 mixes Sean Allen
Laid-back hip hop groove with playful koto melody over punchy piano, organ stabs & pulsing Clavinet
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Navigate 3155/6 12 mixes Sean Allen
Synth-led groove with frenetic drums, squelchy keys & gritty synth bass
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Feel The Same 2969/5 8 mixes Chris Bussey | Craig Bussey | James Brander
Feel-good indie guitar pop with driving drums, male vocals & anthemic chorus
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The Betrayal 2932/9 10 mixes Dan Carter | Julian Emery | Adam Noble
Cinematic rock with atmospheric verses & epic, anthemic choruses
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No Tears 2926/1 21 mixes Julian Emery | Adam Noble | James Irvin
Up-tempo, guitar-led indie song with male vocals
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Neon Nights 2906/5 11 mixes Gareth Johnson
Indie disco with choppy stop/start guitar riffs, dirty bass & driving drums
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Get On 2884/5 13 mixes Phil Panton
Trashy indie band with male vocals, punchy guitars & Lo-Fi feel
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Got That Thing 2884/7 11 mixes Phil Panton
Bright, positive indie pop with jangly guitars, upbeat drums & youthful vocals
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I'll Give You Everything 2884/3 12 mixes Phil Panton
Uplifting summer indie song with cool guitars & catchy male vocals
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I'll Take You On 2884/1 11 mixes Phil Panton
Upbeat trashy indie pop song with jangly guitars, driving beat & male vocals
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I Want You Back 2840/5 16 mixes Mathieu Rosenzweig | Benjamin Nakache | David Bossan | Pablo Love
New wave French electro with pumping groove & soulful female vocals
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No Doubt Babe 2840/8 12 mixes Mathieu Rosenzweig | Benjamin Nakache | David Bossan | Pablo Love
French electro with deep house groove, West coast guitar & processed vocals
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