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A Word From The Guru 3356/5 9 mixes Andy Cooper
Mid-tempo old school hip hop beats with jazzy piano chords, funky bass, horn sounds & clever DJ FX
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Backwoods Boombox 3356/7 9 mixes Andy Cooper
Old school hip hop rocker with energetic groove, organ sounds, tambourine, drums & DJ & vocal FX
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Chase On The Ave 3356/9 9 mixes Andy Cooper
Driving old school hip hop with strong drums, horn stabs, keys, DJ & vocal FX & cool samples
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Hopping The Turnstile 3356/8 9 mixes Andy Cooper
Forward moving old school hip hop beats with groovy bass, jazzy horns, claps, DJ samples & vocal FX
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Ill Science 3356/3 8 mixes Andy Cooper
Laid back, old school hip hop beats with strong drums, percussive electric piano chords & DJ effects
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Liquid Syrup 3356/6 10 mixes Andy Cooper
Half time, old school hip hop with steady bassline, funky keys & Hammond & a multitude of DJ effects
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Phunky Aromas 3356/1 9 mixes Andy Cooper
Grooving old school hip hop with funky plucked guitars, vocal FX, strong beat, keys & DJ FX
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Race To The Train 3356/10 10 mixes Andy Cooper
Fast paced old school hip hop with string drums, groovy bass, vintage keys, jazzy horns & vocal & DJ FX
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Step Into A Cypher 3356/4 10 mixes Andy Cooper
Mid-tempo, classic hip hop bass groove with jazzy guitar line, electric piano, haunting horns & cool DJ effects
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Uptown Street Party 3356/2 9 mixes Andy Cooper
Fun & up-tempo old school hop jam with groovy bassline, electric pianos, horns, & DJ FX
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Modern Feeling 3283/1 14 mixes Robbie Redway
Upbeat electro pop with catchy male vocals, funky bass, heavy drums, cowbell & playful synths
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Sure Enough 3278/3 8 mixes Wayne Murray | Tobias Macfarlaine | Tim Larcombe
Nineties influenced indie with laid back male vocal, acoustic & electric guitar & drums
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Lost In Tokyo 3278/6 10 mixes Wayne Murray | Tobias Macfarlaine | Tim Larcombe
Alt indie pop with laid back male vocal, lo-fi drums, looped guitars & big synth hooks
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Let The Tiger Out 3243/6 16 mixes Andy Cooper | Joshua Alan Barlow
A fun b-boy break with funky guitar, bouncing bass line & lively horns with playful rap lyricism
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Better Hold Me Back 3243/7 14 mixes Andy Cooper | Joshua Alan Barlow
Rock guitar-driven, 1980s hip hop groove with anthemic chorus vocals & male rapping
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The Word Is Impact 3243/8 17 mixes Andy Cooper | Joshua Alan Barlow
Hard-hitting b-boy break with a smooth bass-line, bouncy percussion, funky guitar & old school rap lyricism
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Join The Movement 3243/1 12 mixes Andy Cooper | Joshua Alan Barlow
Latin/hip hop hybrid with an energetic percussion groove & rhythmic horn licks. Features rapped verses & an anthemic chorus chant
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Ain't No Thing 3222/4 8 mixes Shelley Nelson | Alexander Mercier | Pablo Love | Campbell E Browning
Female vocal led 2 step UK garage with arpeggiating synth strings, big bass & beats
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Still Got The Funk 3181/6 10 mixes Matt Goodman | Matthew Bento
Electro funk hybrid with groovy synth bass, uptempo beat & smooth male vocals
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Another Day On Earth 3129/4 11 mixes Jonathan Lloyd | Clif Norrell
Upbeat midtempo American indie rock song with jangly guitars & male vocal
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Crushing The Opposition 3091/1 15 mixes Jonathan Lloyd | Nathan Coen
Crunchy alt-rock with grungy male vocals over punishing guitars, deep bass & slack drum groove
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Keep Running 3091/4 14 mixes Jonathan Lloyd | Nathan Coen
Alternative rock song with jangly guitar hooks, driving beat & male vocals
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Leave Us Alone 3091/5 19 mixes Jonathan Lloyd | Nathan Coen
Hard rock with chunky guitar riffs, thunderous drums & male vocals with swagger & attitude
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Mother Nature 3091/7 12 mixes Jonathan Lloyd | Nathan Coen
Clean guitar intro builds with male vocals into loud alt rock song with crunchy riffs & driving groove
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Run Faster 3091/3 12 mixes Jonathan Lloyd | Nathan Coen
Grunge rock with male vocals over a light groove in the verse alternated with a heavy chorus
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