A wide-ranging collection that delves into the history of music, this Period Music Library will transport you back through the ages, visiting many genres, styles and mediums. Mediaeval period music, Baroque period music and Victorian / Edwardian traditional, instrumental period music sits comfortably alongside 1920s period music, tracks from the swinging 1960s and ditties from decades in between (including period music from the 1930s, 1950’s, 1980s, taking you right up to modern times with music from the year 2000 and beyond.) This fantastic selection of period production music is ideal for use in any film, TV or commercial with historical content, and will guarantee invaluable authenticity. From ancient period music to present day period music, no avenue is left unexplored; whether you’re searching for genre examples of pop music, rock music, classical music, retro music, dance music, disco music…and more. Pieces feature the full range of orchestral instruments as well as varied vocal performances, easily creating time specific ambience.

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