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Alter Ego 3756/1 15 mixes Oriol Sirinathsingh
Ominous electronic drone with sparse percussion, layered pulses & menacing synths
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Chronophobia 3756/2 12 mixes Oriol Sirinathsingh
Percussion filled electronic bed with electric guitar, synth pads, bass, eerie clock & bell percussion
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Fragment Of Memory 3756/3 13 mixes Oriol Sirinathsingh
Hypnotic tension score with synth drones, bass pulses, sparse percussion & tense ending
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Machine Learning 3756/4 13 mixes Oriol Sirinathsingh
Mysterious synth lead score with synth arpeggios, etherial pads, pulsing bass & organic percussion
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Paradoxical Nature 3756/5 10 mixes Oriol Sirinathsingh
Dark expansive electronic tension score with driving drums, bass pulses, intricate synth pads & synth lead
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Shadow Passage 3756/6 10 mixes Oriol Sirinathsingh
Ethereal drone lead tension score with synth builds, bass pulses, organic percussion, male backing vocal & distorted guitar
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Six Lives 3756/7 9 mixes Oriol Sirinathsingh
Menacing electronic drone score with synth pads, intricate leads, ethereal percussion & orchestral hits
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Unknown Enemy 3756/8 11 mixes Oriol Sirinathsingh
Mysterious electronic tension score with bass pulses, building percussion, tense bells, big hits & growling synths

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