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Dream Of The Ancients 3099/1 11 mixes David O'Brien
Mysterious clarinet & cimbalom over ominous swells, electronic beats & throbbing bass. Arabic & East European influences
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Silk Road Caravan 3099/2 13 mixes David O'Brien | Dirk Campbell
Wandering Middle-Eastern theme featuring ethnic flute, lute & vocals with haunting duduk & strings over a light Western Groove
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Walk Through The Bazaar 3098/3 5 mixes Martin Williams
Agitated solo clarinet with a Middle-Eastern flavour
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Ancient Sands 2965/5 15 mixes Rob Kelly | Michael York | Duncan Pittock
Hauntingly mysterious duduk with dark tulum, Arabic percussion & drones
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Hell Drone 2963/7 13 mixes Rob Kelly | Michael York | Duncan Pittock
Chilling Middle Eastern drone. Layered bagpipes, duduk, fx & booms
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Ancient Relic 2942/10 14 mixes Bob Bradley | Andrew Griffiths
Cinematic drones with dramatic brass, choir & duduk
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Knights Storm 2782/1 11 mixes Jean-Yves Prieur | Campbell E Browning | Pablo Love
Brooding, mysterious Middle Eastern electronic crossover with strings
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Gaza 2758/4 11 mixes Glenn Sharp
Tense Middle Eastern drama with urgent oud, tribal percussion & sound design
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Ney Taksim 2758/3 9 mixes Glenn Sharp
Haunting, exotic ney flute over mysterious string drone & desert wind fx
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Good Morning Turkia 2748/3 7 mixes Christophe Goze
Haunting duduk over a pulsing bed builds with moody orchestral pads & drums
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Red Sea Sailors 2748/2 6 mixes Christophe Goze
Dark Arabian oud with ethnic percussion, strings & steady groove. Builds
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Arabian Waltz 2745/1 13 mixes Glenn Sharp
Uplifting Middle Eastern waltz with strings, ney solo & sparkling perc
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Ashruq 2745/7 13 mixes Glenn Sharp
Cinematic Middle Eastern orchestra with oud & quanun solos & perc
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Desert Chase 2745/3 16 mixes Glenn Sharp
Hypnotic Middle Eastern theme with strings, perc, quanun, ney & oud
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Prophet 2745/5 14 mixes Glenn Sharp
Sad Arabic theme with strings, perc, cumbus saz, oud, duduk & vocals
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Rafa 2745/6 15 mixes Glenn Sharp
Contemporary Middle Eastern theme. Perc, oud, ney, strings & choir
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East Of The Nile 2736/4 12 mixes Terry Devine-King
Slow, gently foreboding Middle-Eastern orchestral with duduk & percussion
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Great Empires 2736/6 8 mixes Terry Devine-King
Atmospheric, expansive orchestral theme with echoes of the Middle East
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Middle East Conflict 2736/7 12 mixes Terry Devine-King
Tense, rhythmic orchestral bed with Middle-Eastern percussion
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Look To The East 2677/5 11 mixes Gerard Presencer
Tense piano rhythm with Middle Eastern inspired jazz trumpet melody & groove
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Solitary Life 2670/11 7 mixes Theo Travis
Peaceful, reflective solo bass flute with a hint of Eastern promise
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Bissalama 2658/4 11 mixes Maryann Tedstone | Michael Tedstone | Hossam Ramzy
Atmospheric Middle Eastern strings, with Arabic guitars & perc
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Busy Bazaar 2658/3 10 mixes Maryann Tedstone | Michael Tedstone | Hossam Ramzy
Upbeat, lively Arabic percussion, strings, oud & tuned percussion
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Uncertain Games 2640/8 12 mixes Igor Dvorkin | Duncan Pittock | Ellie Kidd
Tense, driving Middle Eastern groove with Arabic string section
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Sand Angel 2637/5 12 mixes Igor Dvorkin | Duncan Pittock | Ellie Kidd
Haunting Turkish clarinet above mysterious ambient pads & deep drone
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