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Hidden Forest Of South Island 2741/3 11 mixes Mark Buys
Delicate orchestra with haunting Taonga Puora woodwind & percussion
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Mists Across The West Coast 2741/5 11 mixes Mark Buys
Still, mysterious orchestra with haunting Taonga Puoro woodwind calls
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Pacific Island Voyage 2741/1 11 mixes Mark Buys
Sweeping orchestra with Cook Island log drum percussion
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Race Across The Cook Islands 2741/2 10 mixes Mark Buys
Fun, energetic orchestra with fast Cook Island log drum percussion
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Solomon Beach Party 2741/6 11 mixes Mark Buys
Fun & playful pan pipes, drums & pipe percussion over sweeping orchestra
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Aotearoa 1954/6 14 mixes Bruce Maginnis | Mark Williams | Adam Alexander
Laid back, patriotic dub reggae song featuring male vocal & Maori chant
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Pokarekare Ana 1954/2 14 mixes Arr. Bruce Maginnis
Traditional New Zealand love song sung in Maori by female vocalist
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Tutira Mai Nga Iwi 1954/1 15 mixes Arr. Bruce Maginnis | Mark Williams
Cheerful, traditional Maori song about unity with group male vocals & ukuleles
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Dub Aotearoa 1942/1 7 mixes Tom Fox
Laid back reggae with percussive Polynesian groove & soulful vocals
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Longships 1942/9 14 mixes Marshall Smith
Unsettling track conjuring the first Maori explorers sailing uncharted oceans
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Misty Waikato 1942/10 8 mixes Tom Fox
Atmospheric percussion with traditional flute & Maori pukaea (trumpet)
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Oceania 1942/4 8 mixes Tom Fox
Relaxed Polynesian rhythms of ukulele, slide guitar & sunny vocals
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Rarotonga Dream 1942/2 6 mixes Marshall Smith
Dream-like & beautifully ambient ukulele from the shores of Rarotonga
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Awataha 1942/98 5 mixes Kingdon Chapple-Wilson | Marshall Smith | Tom Fox
Authentic Maori 'Waita' song, female traditional chant with hand claps
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Haka 1942/7 4 mixes Kingdon Chapple-Wilson | Marshall Smith | Tom Fox
Authentic Maori Haka performed by male warriors. With reverb
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My Country Tis Of Thee 3 2799/81 22 mixes Arr. Jeff Meegan | David Tobin | Tim Garland
Stirring orchestral arrangement. Also UK National Anthem. See facts
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Island Jam 1942/6 10 mixes Tom Fox
Upbeat island percussion party band with ukuleles & sweet vocal harmonies
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Long White Cloud 1942/11 13 mixes Marshall Smith
Filmic & building. Inspired by the power & majesty of Aotearoa, New Zealand
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Pacific Ebb 1942/12 4 mixes Tom Fox
A flurry of ukuleles & flute create the ebb & flow of Pacific island waves
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Samoan Nights 1942/5 9 mixes Marshall Smith
Energetic Samoan dance with lots of positive energy & dreamy vocals

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