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Birds Of Paradise 1942/3 7 mixes Jeremy Sherman
Good time Hawaiian swing with lap steel guitars, ukulele & brushed drums
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My Hula Hula Baby 1942/8 7 mixes Jeremy Sherman
Laid back Hawaiian swing ballad featuring lap steel guitar
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Mysterious Island 1707/5 6 mixes Jeremy Sherman
Blissfully lazy Hawaiian swing featuring sun kissed pedal steel guitar
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Be Pacific 1707/2 12 mixes Lincoln Grounds | Michael Pearse
Happy island groove with ukulele, male voices, synth bass & percussion
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Hawaiian Boogie 1707/3 6 mixes Jeremy Sherman
Uplifting Hawaiian swing with steel guitar & ukulele
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Hawaii Bounce 1707/6 6 mixes Jeremy Sherman
Bouncy Hawaiian steel guitar with ukulele & shuffling percussion
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Hula Ukes 1707/1 11 mixes Frank Mizen | Daniel Mizen | Miles Brear Gilderdale | Chris Norton
Uplifting summer Hawaii ukulele with steel guitar & fretless bass
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On The Island 1707/4 9 mixes Frank Mizen | Daniel Mizen | Miles Brear Gilderdale | Chris Norton
Happy Hawaiian steel guitar with ukulele & Hammond
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Coconut Dreams 1661/6 8 mixes Christian Marsac
Sundrenched, Hawaiian flavoured fun with lap steel guitar & ukulele
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Paradise Island 1661/9 11 mixes Bob Bradley | Steve Dymond | Lincoln Grounds
Surf washed Hawaiian chill out with pedal steel, ukuleles & synths
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Hawaii Swing Time 1623/13 7 mixes Jeremy Sherman
Old time Hawaiian swing with dreamy pedal steel, guitars & percussion
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Hoolah Rumboola 1620/9 10 mixes Tim Garland
Vintage film Latin dance band with cheesy female harmonies
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Honolulu Bound 1490/19 2 mixes Jeremy Sherman
Cheesy Hawaiian jazz with easy swing feel, pedal steel & dobro guitars
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Island Hop 1213/2 2 mixes Jeremy Sherman
Cheerful Hawaiian feel with Dobro & steel guitar
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Aloha 1191/4 7 mixes Arr. Chris Norton | Frank Mizen
Classic, relaxed Hawaiian tune with slide guitar melody
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Umma Lamma 1163/10 7 mixes Barrie Gledden | Kes Loy
Tongue-in-cheek tropical island chill out. Features male vocals
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Steelie 2 1053/36 3 mixes Evelyn Glennie
Undulating ethnic percussion played on a steel pan (steel drum). Continuous rhythmic texture
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Waikiki Walk 1490/15 1 mixes Jeremy Sherman
Lazy strolling slide dobro guitar duo. Hawaiian country blues
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Bell Rock Party 8 2022/29 19 mixes Tom Peters | Lorenzo De Feo | Remy Mallett
Caribbean tinged festive pop with ukulele, hand claps & sleigh bells
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Olaha 1163/13 2 mixes Jeremy Sherman
Jaunty Hawaiian jolliness. Features steel guitar & 'slack key' dobros

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