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Gypsy Caravan 3477/8 12 mixes Michael Farkas | Teddy Weber
Driving harmonica-led swing combo with zany percussion & sound effects. East European flavour
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Russian Winter 3365/4 7 mixes Karen Street
Slow, affecting Russian folk lament on solo accordion
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Crafty Schemes 3329/5 12 mixes Igor Dvorkin | Duncan Pittock | Ellie Kidd
Stealthy pizzicato strings & Russian folk instruments build with whimsical violins & woodwind
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Quandaries 3329/3 15 mixes Igor Dvorkin | Duncan Pittock | Ellie Kidd
Playful, pseudo dramatic chamber orchestra with a Russian ballet influence
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Laszlo's Driving Lesson 3248/3 16 mixes Jody Jenkins
Up-tempo Balkan blast with rasping brass hooks, Gypsy strings & clarinet twiddles
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Jose Pescado 3239/8 11 mixes Gustavo Casenave
Traditional tango quintet with melancholic violin & bandoneon over a rhythmic piano vamp. Modulates to major key section ending with big tango finale
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Fuelle Y Cuerda 3239/6 12 mixes Gustavo Casenave
Traditional & intense tango with bandoneon, passionate string playing & spirited piano
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Impulso Tanguero 3239/5 9 mixes Gustavo Casenave
Traditional dramatic tango with bandoneon, bass, violin, cello & piano. Intense & passionate
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A Don Nick 3239/3 12 mixes Gustavo Casenave
Passionate tango ensemble with unsettling chordal modulations & off-kilter melodies
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Slavonic Dance 3183/3 14 mixes Arr. David Tobin | Jeff Meegan | Julian Gallant | Rob Kelly
Exuberant, fiery orchestral romp. (c. 1878)
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Secret Of The Lake 3147/6 10 mixes David O'Brien | Paul Clarvis
Haunting East European folk lament with plaintive flute & violin melody over traditional instruments & low strings
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Doina 3140/5 16 mixes Igor Dvorkin | Freddy Gottlieb
Spiritual, haunting Kaval (flute) & acoustic guitar above a mysterious drone. Arabic/East European feel
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Hora 3140/6 10 mixes Igor Dvorkin | Freddy Gottlieb
Relaxed East European folk ring dance with accordion, acoustic guitar, ethnic flutes & bazouki
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Jumpara Dobrogea 3140/2 18 mixes Igor Dvorkin | Freddy Gottlieb
Sprightly Romanian gypsy folk dance with traditional instruments builds from wistful ethnic flute opening
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Sarba Oltenia 3140/1 16 mixes Igor Dvorkin | Freddy Gottlieb
Fast, lively Romanian gypsy folk dance featuring traditional instruments & flute lead
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Tzurai 3140/3 17 mixes Igor Dvorkin | Freddy Gottlieb
Spirited Romanian folk ring dance with jolly flutes & acoustic guitar lead accompanied by traditional instruments
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Live It In Style 3113/7 7 mixes Tim Garland
Classic Hollywood big band foxtrot with classy stings & comic tinge
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Dream Of The Ancients 3099/1 11 mixes David O'Brien
Mysterious clarinet & cimbalom over ominous swells, electronic beats & throbbing bass. Arabic & East European influences
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Gypsy Charm 3023/6 12 mixes Tom Peters | Greg McDonald
Bouncy East European gypsy folk with cheeky fiddles & mandolins
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Bagel Dance 2950/2 11 mixes David O'Brien | Paul Clarvis
Cheeky klezmer style folk dance gradually increases in speed & excitement
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Radio Bulgaria 2950/5 12 mixes David O'Brien | Paul Clarvis
Bonkers Balkan gypsy brass band brimming with energy & testosterone
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Mischief Maker 2950/1 12 mixes David O'Brien | Paul Clarvis
Naughty, playful Eastern European quartet of brass, winds & spoons
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Lipscani 2777/4 10 mixes Simon Porter
Upbeat orchestral oompah, with offbeat accordion & pizz strings
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Potato Portato 2777/1 11 mixes Simon Porter
Mischievous clarinet joined by elegant & stately orchestra. Builds
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