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Song For Sophia 3310/7 10 mixes David Tobin | Jeff Meegan
Sexy Latin-inspired guitar jazz with relaxed rhythm section
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Bleeping The Curses 3288/3 12 mixes William Davies
Mid-tempo Latin percussion & drum groove with Cuban flavours
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Aquellos Tiempos 3036/4 13 mixes Carlos José Alvarez
Traditional Cuban bolero with romantic acoustic guitar & yearning trumpet
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Cubanita 3036/2 12 mixes Carlos José Alvarez
Sprightly flute, Latin piano & violin over upbeat Cuban groove
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Descarga Yuca 3036/3 17 mixes Carlos José Alvarez
Upbeat Cuban dance with lively Latin piano, brass, percussion & vocals
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Isla Oscura 3036/8 15 mixes Carlos José Alvarez
Mysterious vocal, guitar & percussion build into slow & seductive groove
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Mira Como Baila 3036/5 13 mixes Carlos José Alvarez
Traditional Cuban dance with fast rhythmic brass, percussion & vocals
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Nuestra Rumba 3036/7 13 mixes Carlos José Alvarez
Afro-Cuban rhumba with strong percussion groove, flute solo & Latin vocals
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Son A Mi Guajira 3036/6 17 mixes Carlos José Alvarez
Cuban tres guitar builds with relaxed trumpet into laid-back Latin groove
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Sonando El Mambo 3036/1 17 mixes Carlos José Alvarez
1950s-style Cuban mambo with lively brass, piano, percussion & vocals
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Latino Beats 2958/7 15 mixes Bob Bradley | Andrew Griffiths
Laid back Cuban salsa fusion with sexy brass, DJ fx & beats
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De Ida Y Vuelta 2787/5 15 mixes Glenn Sharp
Upbeat traditional flamenco with guitars, voices, clapping, cajon & dancer
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Conga Longa 2540/1 7 mixes John Altman
Lively Latin American mambo with brass, tight groove & 1950s sunshine
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Hanky Panky 2540/2 8 mixes John Altman
Moody & playful Latin jazz with percussion groove & brass. Sax solo at 1:21
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Mambolya 2540/3 8 mixes John Altman
Slinky & upbeat Latin groove with piano, percussion & brass
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Just Say So 2502/9 13 mixes Sam Wedgwood
Punchy woodwind & string combo with marimba & Latin fusion flavours
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Viva La Vida 2398/8 17 mixes Pete Masitti | John Andrew Barrow
Passionate Latin rock cha cha with male vocal & Spanish lyrics
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Guajira Urbana 2203/4 8 mixes Juan Carlos Rodriguez | Iker Gastaminza
Mid tempo nu Latino song with Cuban groove, rock guitar, trumpet & vocals
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Salsa Brava 2203/1 7 mixes Juan Carlos Rodriguez | Iker Gastaminza
Latin dance instrumental with powerful horns & piano
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Danza Peligrosa 2164/2 10 mixes Tim Devine | Alexis Arias | Marlon Mendioroz
Sassy, seductive Cuban salsa featuring piano, brass & percussion
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El Maestro De Salsa 2164/7 11 mixes Tim Devine | Alexis Arias | Marlon Mendioroz
Lively Cuban salsa featuring brass, piano & percussion
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Supersalsa Me 2164/5 9 mixes Tim Devine | Alexis Arias | Marlon Mendioroz
Busy Cuban salsa featuring brass, piano & percussion
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Cha Cha Chic 2164/8 10 mixes Tim Devine
Sassy Cuban cha cha featuring piano, brass & Latin rock guitar
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Hombre Con Hambre 2164/4 10 mixes Tim Devine
Sassy Latin Guajira with guitar, percussion, piano, brass, saxes & flute
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Activao 2142/6 11 mixes Hector Jesus Alvarez | Edwin Almonte | Sergio Cabral | Ali Theodore
Latino reggaeton with frenetic mandolin, drums & Spanish male vocals
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