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We Are The Earth 2749/8 10 mixes Bruce Maginnis
Stomping Australian desert rock groove with slide guitar & male vocals
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Winding Highway 2749/9 9 mixes Bruce Maginnis
Joyful & laid back country blues groove with accordion & slide guitars
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Atchafalayah 2015/3 14 mixes Thomm Jutz | Peter Cronin | Jefferson Ross
Slow, traditional Cajun waltz with homesick for Louisiana male vocal
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Bayou Boogie 2015/1 12 mixes Thomm Jutz | Peter Cronin | Jefferson Ross
Lively, traditional two step Cajun dance band boogie with cheerful male vocal
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Houseboat 2015/6 14 mixes Thomm Jutz | Peter Cronin
Feelgood Cajun song about building a houseboat. Male vocal
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Creole Queen 2015/2 12 mixes David Tobin | Jeff Meegan | Richard Kimmings
Fun Cajun with yodelling vocals, fiddle, washboard & accordion
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Party Cajun Style 2015/7 10 mixes David Tobin | Jeff Meegan | Richard Kimmings
Feelgood Cajun party groove with hoedown fiddle & yodelling vocals
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Big Alligator 1978/3 15 mixes Thomm Jutz | Peter Cronin
Swampy, bluesy song about Louisiana alligator hunters
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Cajun Card Shark 1885/5 12 mixes Randall Breneman | Lincoln Grounds
Louisiana stomp with dobro, honky tonk piano & lyrics about poker
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Cherie 1856/1 11 mixes Thomm Jutz | Peter Cronin
Romantic Cajun waltz song with male vocal, band, fiddle & accordion
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Louisiana Seafood Company 1856/3 14 mixes Thomm Jutz | Peter Cronin | Charley Stefl
Up-tempo Cajun song with Nashville flavours & catchy male vocals
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Cajun Mash 1790/7 13 mixes Lincoln Grounds | Michael Pearse
Cajun country band with vocal samples & light reggaeton beat
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Barnyard Breakdown 1786/4 15 mixes Tim Renwick
Lively blues folk strum along with guitars, mandolin & fiddle
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Cajun Queen 1156/3 5 mixes Chris Gibbons
Mississippi Delta Rock. Slide guitar funk
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Too Stupid For New York 2 1885/70 10 mixes Randall Breneman | Lincoln Grounds
Bouncy Louisiana instrumental with piano, dobro & various guitars
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Cajun Moon 1289/4 2 mixes Jeremy Sherman
Americana ballad with dobro slide guitar & accordion
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Rouperou Two Step 1287/12 4 mixes Jeremy Sherman
Mid tempo traditional Cajun dance with accordion melody
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Pourqoui Pas 1287/4 4 mixes Jeremy Sherman
Traditional Cajun waltz with accordion melody
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Cajun Spice 1287/3 9 mixes Christian Marsac
Cheerful Cajun melody featuring violins
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On The Line 1051/7 5 mixes Chris Norton | Frank Mizen
Cajun/bluegrass style dance. Cheerful melody. Building.
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Island Theme 5 3105/11 12 mixes Rob Kelly
Americana mix with folksy acoustic guitar, light percussion, cello & bass guitar

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