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Carnival Nights 3375/2 17 mixes Marc Jackson Burrows
Carnival party celebrations with brass hits over an epic drum battery with flutes & bird FX
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Song For Sophia 3310/7 10 mixes David Tobin | Jeff Meegan
Sexy Latin-inspired guitar jazz with relaxed rhythm section
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Iberico 3288/7 11 mixes William Davies
Frantic chorus of rolling snare drums builds with low ethnic hand drum hits, cowbell & electronic beats
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Sharkbait 3288/5 11 mixes William Davies
Dynamic fusion of Latin percussion & breakbeats
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Guy Like You 3287/4 9 mixes Edmundo Cortes | Sarah Do Amaral Freire Oliveira Souza
Laid-back Brazilian pop ballad with strings, piano, drums & soulful Portuguese female vocal
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Just One Kiss 3287/2 9 mixes Edmundo Cortes | Sarah Do Amaral Freire Oliveira Souza
Brazilian electro pop with powerful Portuguese female vocal, synths, beats & male rap
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I Bother 3287/1 9 mixes Edmundo Cortes | Sarah Do Amaral Freire Oliveira Souza
Powerful Brazilian electro pop funk with infectious percussion, synths, rebellious Portuguese female vocal & chanting bvs
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Honey 3287/3 9 mixes Edmundo Cortes | Sarah Do Amaral Freire Oliveira Souza
Uplifting Brazilian pop with disco groove, piano, drums, hooky horns & warm Portuguese female vocal
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Mi Salvaje Diosa 3152/2 15 mixes Juan Carlos Rodriguez | Orlando Felice Rodriguez Di Pietro
Emotive nylon guitar & percussion erupt into upbeat Latin ska pop with Spanish male vocals & punchy brass hooks
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Ghetto Nova 3107/5 8 mixes Julian Emery | Ben Fitzgerald
Crunchy drumline with super charged Brazilian flavours
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Eleven O'Clock 2998/3 12 mixes Igor Dvorkin | Duncan Pittock | Ellie Kidd
Perky strings build with marimba, percussion & playful melody. Latin feel
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Samberiffic 2837/3 16 mixes Jeff Meegan | David Tobin
Upbeat jazz combo samba with lively male scat vocals & acoustic guitar solo
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Mesmer's Fantasy 2699/7 6 mixes James Taylor
Up-tempo Brazilian groove with retro Moog melody, Hammond & horns
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Scratch The Samba 2609/6 13 mixes Marc Jackson Burrows | Chris Bangs
Lively samba with Brazilian female vocal, hot Latin beats & DJ scratches
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When Again 2595/3 12 mixes Tim Garland
Bossa with male crooner, romantic orchestra & Italian hook line
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Compete To The Beat 2561/4 11 mixes Sean Allen | Paul Clarvis
Hard hitting hip hop with eerie synths & urgent Brazilian percussion
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Everyone's A Winner 2561/5 11 mixes Sean Allen | Paul Clarvis
Mellow hip hop with gentle Brazilian percussion
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Fit For A Champion 2561/6 11 mixes Sean Allen | Paul Clarvis
Insistent Latin carnival percussion with hip hop beats & synth melody
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Sporting Style 2561/3 11 mixes Sean Allen | Paul Clarvis
Phat grime beat with strident Latin carnival percussion & 90s synths
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Underdog 2561/1 11 mixes Sean Allen | Paul Clarvis
Hypnotic grime collides with Latin street percussion
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Win Win Situation 2561/2 10 mixes Sean Allen | Paul Clarvis
Anthemic hip hop with swirling synths, vocal shouts & samba carnival drums
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Afrobeat Rock 2541/3 18 mixes Gareth Johnson | Paul Clarvis
Upbeat indie rock with twangy guitar riff & urgent Latin percussion groove
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Forward Together 2541/2 21 mixes Gareth Johnson | Paul Clarvis
Anthemic indie rock with melodic guitar layers & fast paced Latin percussion
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Warlord 2541/1 26 mixes Gareth Johnson | Paul Clarvis
Riff heavy hard rock with distorted guitars & driving Latin percussion
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Carnival Capers 2532/2 16 mixes Paul Clarvis
Latin carnival drum & percussion groove
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