National Anthems

The national songs of over thirty individual countries are included in this comprehensive National Anthem music library; including those of Great Britain, Italy, The U.S.A, China and Australia. Alongside National Anthems themselves, you will find an extensive range of geographically and culturally influenced tracks to establish location for any TV, film or advertising production. Visitors to this section will be spoilt for choice due to the sheer number of different arrangements of National Anthems available; whether a national song itself of a piece of music that captures a national identity. Each version is unique; explore a mixture of musical genres and discover many different moods within each national section. You will also find a general National Anthems category that includes a number of smaller countries along with re-workings of well-known National Anthems like ‘The Star Spangled Banner’ Seeking the National Anthem of Japan, Serbia, Sweden or Costa Rica? No problem! A vast array of choice awaits the professional searching for National Anthem production music in any form.

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