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These Days 3524/3 9 mixes Tom Gleeson | Christopher Sheldon
90s alt rock song with powerful male vocals, Nashville-tuned acoustic guitars & slide guitar over a mix of live/electro drums
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Silver Linings 3524/4 10 mixes Tom Gleeson | Christopher Sheldon
90s grungy alt rock song with male vocals, flamenco-tinged acoustic guitar chords & exotic percussion. Builds to an electric & anthemic chorus
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Hold Your Tongue 3524/7 10 mixes Tom Gleeson | Christopher Sheldon
Brooding 90s unplugged grunge song with male vocals, strummed acoustic guitar & rhythmic percussion groove. Features uplifting chorus
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Fairweather Friends 3121/1 10 mixes Tom Gleeson | Christopher Sheldon
Angular post-grunge rock with big riffs, powerful syncopated grooves & disillusioned male vocal
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Sick Sick Sick 3121/2 10 mixes Tom Gleeson | Christopher Sheldon
Dynamic, angular post-grunge guitar rock with strong riffs & cold-blooded, angsty male vocal
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Crushing The Opposition 3091/1 15 mixes Jonathan Lloyd | Nathan Coen
Crunchy alt-rock with grungy male vocals over punishing guitars, deep bass & slack drum groove
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God Knows 3091/8 12 mixes Jonathan Lloyd | Nathan Coen
Heavy & distorted guitar-led rock groove with psychedelic reverse solo & grungy male vocals
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Keep Running 3091/4 14 mixes Jonathan Lloyd | Nathan Coen
Alternative rock song with jangly guitar hooks, driving beat & male vocals
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Mother Nature 3091/7 12 mixes Jonathan Lloyd | Nathan Coen
Clean guitar intro builds with male vocals into loud alt rock song with crunchy riffs & driving groove
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Run Faster 3091/3 12 mixes Jonathan Lloyd | Nathan Coen
Grunge rock with male vocals over a light groove in the verse alternated with a heavy chorus
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Feel That Rush 3038/3 13 mixes Bob Bradley | Matt Sanchez | Matt Parker | Ronnie Stokes
Edgy indie blues with raw male vocals, rowdy beats & dirty guitar riffs
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Defcon 2963/1 19 mixes Rob Kelly | Duncan Pittock
Sinister heavy rock riffs with building drums & fx. Recorded in caves
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Whatcha Saying 2884/2 15 mixes Phil Panton
Trashy indie with riffy guitars, quirky synths & ballsy male vocal
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Earthquake 2875/4 11 mixes Bob Bradley
Heavy indie with dirty baritone guitar, female vocal & driving rhythm section
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Bunny 2865/1 10 mixes Jonathan Lloyd | Sam McCarthy
Grungy rock with driving guitars, twangy FX leads, heavy kit & male vocal
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Keep Him Close 2865/6 10 mixes Jonathan Lloyd | Sam McCarthy
Menacing rock with eerie riffs, driving guitar, steady beat & rough male vocal
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Softcore 2865/7 10 mixes Jonathan Lloyd | Sam McCarthy
Thoughtful rock with melodic bassline, textural guitars & light male vocal
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Louder Than The Weekend 2854/2 8 mixes Jason Bowld | Tom Gleeson
Fast, swung, grungy rock song with frantic drums & hooky vocals
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Best Of Us 2846/2 15 mixes Julian Emery | Jeremy Wheatley | Jodi Marr
Grungy hard rock with male vocal, driving rhythm section & distorted guitars
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Yeah Right 2832/2 11 mixes Gareth Johnson | Chris Bussey
Relentless mid-tempo grunge rock with classic driving riff & swagger
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Breaking Free 2822/2 13 mixes Chris Potter | Thomas McNeice | Lewis Andrew | Hamish Fingland
Triumphant grunge rock with positive male vocal & anthemic group chants
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Don't Close Your Eyes 2822/6 18 mixes Chris Potter | Thomas McNeice | Lewis Andrew | Hamish Fingland
Powerful heavy rock song with intense male vocal & epic chorus
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Insane 2822/7 13 mixes Chris Potter | Thomas McNeice | Lewis Andrew | Hamish Fingland
High energy heavy rock song with dirty guitars & frenzied male vocal
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Coming On Your Stereo 2634/6 13 mixes Julian Emery | Mike Duce | Adam Noble
Rhythmic heavy rock with guitar riff groove, raspy vocal & hard-hitting chorus
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Rolling On 2634/9 11 mixes Dan Carter | Julian Emery | Adam Noble
Fast-paced alternative rock with vocal wails, riffing guitars & driving kit
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