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Chasing Waves 3475/5 18 mixes Sam Wedgwood
Cheerful, summery folk guitars build with warm driving strings, bouncy bass, light percussion & piano
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Don't Take My Heart 3472/5 18 mixes Jesse Walton
Gentle & intimate folk with acoustic guitar, male vocal & warm harmonies. Develops with banjo & flowing strings
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Farewell She Wrote 3472/2 12 mixes Jesse Walton
Intimate & heartfelt folk song with male vocals, warm finger-picked electric guitar
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I'm A Believer 3472/1 21 mixes Jesse Walton
Relaxed, bluesy folk with swung male vocal, acoustic guitar, banjo, piano & harmonica. Builds with group vocals
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I'm Gonna Start A Fire 3472/4 14 mixes Jesse Walton
A nostalgic folk rock anthem with heartfelt male vocals, wistful harmonica & melodic piano
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Into Light 3472/3 21 mixes Jesse Walton
Romantic, uptempo folk rock song with crisp male vocal, acoustic guitar & pads. Builds with big drums, piano & harmonica
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No Surrender 3472/6 12 mixes Jesse Walton
A melancholy, heartfelt folk song with smooth male vocal & warm finger picked electric guitar
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Lost Dreamers 3472/7 13 mixes Jesse Walton
Easy listening country song with wistful male narrative about love & loss. Accompanied by banjo, acoustic guitar & smooth clarinets
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Old Lake 3472/8 19 mixes Jesse Walton
Moody folk song with a sincere male vocal, beautiful finger-picked guitar, piano, strings, banjo & backing vocals
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Feelin' It 3469/5 12 mixes Ethan Kaufmann | James Gunnar Mason
Driving country pop song with male & female vocal duet, twangy guitars, Hammond organ, piano & upbeat skiffle groove. Anthemic half-time chorus
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Rhythm Of One 3469/7 12 mixes Ethan Kaufmann | James Gunnar Mason
Driving folk rock with male & female vocals, soft organ, piano, guitars & banjo. Alternates between skiffle & straight rock groove
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Sincerely Me 3469/8 12 mixes Ethan Kaufmann | James Gunnar Mason
Mid-tempo folk rock song with acoustic & electric guitars builds to rousing anthem with male & female vocals
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A Country Tale 3453/7 6 mixes Glenn Sharp
Warm & gentle folk-style solo classical guitar
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Autumn Garden 3453/2 9 mixes Glenn Sharp
Warm, gentle & pretty classical guitar duet
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Happy In The Garden 3453/1 9 mixes Glenn Sharp
Happy & vibrant classical guitar duet
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Sunny September 3453/3 9 mixes Glenn Sharp
Bright & warm classical guitar duet
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Go Back To You 3442/8 18 mixes Pete Masitti | John Andrew Barrow
Uplifting country pop with finger-picking acoustic guitar, banjo & male vocals. Builds over a skiffle groove
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Broken Silence 3440/4 12 mixes Thomas Evans | Sula May Andrade Deane
Gentle, wistful folk pop ballad with heartfelt female vocal
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Light Up The Stars 3440/5 13 mixes Thomas Evans | Sula May Andrade Deane
Upbeat summertime folk pop song with cheerful & romantic female vocal
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My Firefly 3440/7 12 mixes Thomas Evans | Sula May Andrade Deane
Feel-good summer folk pop love song with heartfelt female vocal
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Nest 3440/3 14 mixes Thomas Evans | Sula May Andrade Deane
Joyous, up-tempo folky love song with sweet female vocal, strumming guitars, horns & summertime vibes
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Sinking Sands 3440/2 15 mixes Thomas Evans | Sula May Andrade Deane
Reflective, melancholy acoustic ballad with guitars, strings, trumpet solo & delicate female vocal
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You Are Home 3440/6 12 mixes Thomas Evans | Sula May Andrade Deane
Warm & dreamy acoustic ballad with touching female vocal
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From Cloudy Bay To Malibu 3414/1 12 mixes Nik Kershaw
Folky, upbeat pop song with male vocal & booze-themed lyrics
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The Best I Can 3379/4 11 mixes Nik Kershaw
Quirky electronic folk pop with cyclic groove, strings & male vocal. A light-hearted observation of getting older
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