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One More Merengue 2540/5 7 mixes John Altman
Sensual Latin romance with brooding trombone lead & percussion
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Merengue Sabroso 2164/1 10 mixes Juan Carlos Rodriguez | Iker Gastaminza
Sprightly tropical Latin merengue with male vocals, piano & sizzling brass
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Pra Mexer 2106/5 11 mixes Neil Williams | Rubens De Souza | Alison Pearse | Rupert Pfaff
Heavy duty Brazilian merengue with massed vocals, percussion & football fx
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Chilli Popcorn 1919/1 9 mixes Dave James
Dominican merengue with stabbing saxes, piano accordion & vocal shouts
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Lemon Meringue 1629/8 11 mixes Mat Andasun
Lively tropical merengue with horns, vocals, accordion & piano solo
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Ay Mamacita 1629/1 10 mixes Tim Devine | Paul Hoyle
Ultra high energy Merengue from the Dominican Republic
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Tropical Party 1559/7 14 mixes Terry Devine-King
Bright, Latin Caribbean dance/pop with a merengue influence
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El Merengon 1512/2 10 mixes Tim Devine | Jorge Luis Sosa
Hip shaking high energy merengue from the Dominican Republic
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Palo Y Quinto 1512/3 10 mixes Tim Devine | Jorge Luis Sosa
Lively Dominican Republic merengue with saxes, accordion & piano
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Soca To Me 1158/3 8 mixes Tim Devine
Tropical/Caribbean Soca, with elements of Merengue & Calypso
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King Karnival 1060/2 8 mixes Tim Devine
Bright, upbeat Caribbean Latin dance/merengue/calypso. Full mix
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Fiesta Meringue 1105/4 7 mixes Igor Dvorkin | Duncan Pittock
Very fast merengue with dance grooves

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