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Latin Sun 3324/4 10 mixes Todd Speakman | Jesse Keegan | Luke Henry Mullen
Energetic Latin jazz tune with detuned piano, fast percussion, horns & trumpet solos
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Market Place 3324/3 7 mixes Todd Speakman | Jesse Keegan | Luke Henry Mullen
Energetic Afrobeat groove with wild alto sax over jazzy electric piano, driving bass & funky horns
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Song For Sophia 3310/7 10 mixes David Tobin | Jeff Meegan
Sexy Latin-inspired guitar jazz with relaxed rhythm section
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Descarga Yuca 3036/3 17 mixes Carlos José Alvarez
Upbeat Cuban dance with lively Latin piano, brass, percussion & vocals
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Nuestra Rumba 3036/7 13 mixes Carlos José Alvarez
Afro-Cuban rhumba with strong percussion groove, flute solo & Latin vocals
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Tulips And Turmeric 2957/8 15 mixes Thomas Parisch
Jazzy retro Latin infused comedy spy theme with funky flute & sexy strings
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Latin Lover 2933/9 11 mixes Bob Bradley | Paul Clarvis | Neil Harland
Quirky bossa fusion with perky pizz, breezy whistling & busy brush drums
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Marimba Class 2872/4 8 mixes Neil Sidwell
Hypnotic marimba, eloquent trombone, jazz-tinged flute & pizz strings
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Bongo Bay 2847/3 13 mixes Mark Allaway | Jeff Lardner
Laid back calypso influenced jazz with catchy sax & woodwind hooks
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Samberiffic 2837/3 16 mixes Jeff Meegan | David Tobin
Upbeat jazz combo samba with lively male scat vocals & acoustic guitar solo
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Shake That Thing 2753/2 14 mixes Mark Allaway | Jeff Lardner
Cheeky, bouncing jazz sax & bass with laid back Rhodes & Latin percs
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Her Secret 2753/6 14 mixes Mark Allaway | Jeff Lardner
Quirky jazz antics on sax, reeds & rhythm section with a 60s Latin/ska twist
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In The Queue 2753/4 11 mixes Mark Allaway | Jeff Lardner
Quirky, cheerful underscore with Latin beats, piano & reeds
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Itch 2753/1 11 mixes Mark Allaway | Jeff Lardner
Comedically stealthy Latin jazz saxes with bass clarinet, bongos & guica
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A Look 2753/3 11 mixes Mark Allaway | Jeff Lardner
Reflective piano & insistent fusion saxes with a sophisticated feel
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Mesmer's Fantasy 2699/7 6 mixes James Taylor
Up-tempo Brazilian groove with retro Moog melody, Hammond & horns
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Scratch The Samba 2609/6 13 mixes Marc Jackson Burrows | Chris Bangs
Lively samba with Brazilian female vocal, hot Latin beats & DJ scratches
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Smooth Satin Latin 2581/2 11 mixes Ray Davies
Silky piano with sultry sax, strings & very light Latin groove. Piano solo at 1:57
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Conga Longa 2540/1 7 mixes John Altman
Lively Latin American mambo with brass, tight groove & 1950s sunshine
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Hanky Panky 2540/2 8 mixes John Altman
Moody & playful Latin jazz with percussion groove & brass. Sax solo at 1:21
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Mambolya 2540/3 8 mixes John Altman
Slinky & upbeat Latin groove with piano, percussion & brass
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Match Point 2540/7 7 mixes John Altman
Summery & upbeat Latin with catchy brass melodies & percussion
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Just Say So 2502/9 13 mixes Sam Wedgwood
Punchy woodwind & string combo with marimba & Latin fusion flavours
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Come To It 2382/3 12 mixes James Taylor
Upbeat, Latin influenced horn & Hammond melody on a driving funky groove
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Mad Samba 2307/5 13 mixes Jason Rebello
Energetic solo piano plays a fast samba with improvised melody
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