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Wild Latin Nights 3319/5 10 mixes Tim Garland
Scintillating Latin big band dance spectacular with screaming trumpets & sprightly jazz flute
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Conga Longa 2540/1 7 mixes John Altman
Lively Latin American mambo with brass, tight groove & 1950s sunshine
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Hanky Panky 2540/2 8 mixes John Altman
Moody & playful Latin jazz with percussion groove & brass. Sax solo at 1:21
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Mambolya 2540/3 8 mixes John Altman
Slinky & upbeat Latin groove with piano, percussion & brass
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Match Point 2540/7 7 mixes John Altman
Summery & upbeat Latin with catchy brass melodies & percussion
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Shauna's Delight 2540/6 7 mixes John Altman
Mid tempo Latin mambo groove with trumpet lead & romantic orchestration
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Salsa Brava 2203/1 7 mixes Juan Carlos Rodriguez | Iker Gastaminza
Latin dance instrumental with powerful horns & piano
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Bubble Bath 1893/5 9 mixes Dave James | Keith Beauvais
Vintage ballroom Cha Cha with quirky brass & chirpy flute
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Peanut Man 1893/3 7 mixes Dave James | Keith Beauvais
Shifty Latin Mambo with sassy big band brass, piano & crazy vocal shouts
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Hot Mambo 1893/4 7 mixes Michael Craig | Dave James
Bombastic, 1950s style Mambo with brass, quirky organ & swinging beat
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Dance With Destiny 1824/4 20 mixes David Tobin | Jeff Meegan | Mark Armstrong
Cool, sassy Latin salsa with big band, strings & passionate male vocal
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Cocktail Hour 1717/1 9 mixes Gareth Johnson | Tim Garland
Funky Latin fusion with big band horns & Cuban piano over a relentless groove
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Cuban 1716/1 5 mixes Tim Garland | Gareth Johnson
Chunky big band Latino groove with slightly dance hall middle section
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Martinique 1564/9 5 mixes Ray Davies
Soupy trombone lead with retro Latin vibe & percussion
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Jazz Boogaloo 1563/3 8 mixes Dave James
1960s style Latin jazz boogaloo romp. Blessed are the cheese makers, yeah!
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Spy 1559/6 12 mixes Terry Devine-King
Dramatic 1960s Latin big band mambo spy theme. Licensed to thrill
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The Man of Havana 1559/4 10 mixes Terry Devine-King
Espionage flavoured Latin mambo with shady piano & big band brass
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Strictly Mambo 1531/6 10 mixes Christopher Ashmore
Cheesy ballroom mambo with brass section & Spanish trumpets
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Big Apple Salsa 1515/1 12 mixes Tim Devine | Luis Marquez
Authentic New York style Salsa with full Cuban all star band & vocals
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Midnite in Miami 1515/7 11 mixes Tim Devine | Jorge Luis Sosa
Fun & punchy Salsa with the Cuban All Stars of Miami. Dance, dance dance!
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Mother Of All Mambos 1515/8 11 mixes Tim Devine | Luis Marquez
Huge light hearted Cuban Mambo with the Cuban All Stars band & vocals
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Echale Sazon 1515/5 12 mixes Tim Devine | Luis Marquez
Authentic Cuban cha cha with sumptuous Latin big band & singers
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Mi Charanga 1515/6 11 mixes Tim Devine | Alexis Arias
Hot Cuban Charanga Salsa with big band, instrumental solos & vocals
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Chica Guapa 1515/4 9 mixes Tim Devine | Jorge Luis Sosa
Joyful Cuban descarga style salsa with all star band. Flute & timbale solos
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Queen Of Salsa 1515/10 12 mixes Tim Devine | Luis Marquez
Exuberant & stylish Cuban Guaracha Salsa big band with tres & vocals
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