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Jumbie In The Kitchen 3338/1 11 mixes Drew Gonsalves | Campbell E Browning | Pablo Love | Ivan Duran
Bright, laid-back calypso with tropical guitars, horns & male vocals over a chilled drums & percussion groove
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Fire Brigade 3338/3 11 mixes Drew Gonsalves | Campbell E Browning | Pablo Love | Ivan Duran
Upbeat calypso song with male vocals, ukuleles & catchy brass hooks over a driving percussion groove
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Shake And Bounce 3338/5 12 mixes Samuel Harris | Campbell E Browning | Pablo Love | Ivan Duran
Fun, bouncing calypso with male lead vocals, electric guitar, ukulele & horns over a driving percussion party
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Numero 3269/4 12 mixes Paul Leary | Andrea Rocha
Relaxed Latin pop with Spanish female vocal, ukulele, calypso trumpet breakdown, trap drums & reggae guitars
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Cubanita 3036/2 12 mixes Carlos José Alvarez
Sprightly flute, Latin piano & violin over upbeat Cuban groove
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Tano 3007/7 9 mixes Michael Levine | Bijan Olia
Jolly calypso based groove with orchestral & percussive melodic colorations
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Calypso Party 2872/6 8 mixes Neil Sidwell
Cheeky, carefree trombone calypso with perky marimba & strings
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Bongo Bay 2847/3 13 mixes Mark Allaway | Jeff Lardner
Laid back calypso influenced jazz with catchy sax & woodwind hooks
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Steel Having Fun 1850/6 18 mixes Pete Masitti | John Andrew Barrow
Upbeat tropical fun with lively steel drums & Caribbean beats
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Cruising Round the Islands 1667/3 6 mixes Gerard Presencer | Jim Watson
Laidback calypso with guitar picking, groovy electric piano & brass
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Calypso Carnival 1667/1 7 mixes Dave James
Carnival style Calypso/Soca with brass & driving percussion
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Tierras Verdes 1515/11 8 mixes Tim Devine | Jorge Luis Sosa
Evocative Son Cubano style salsa from the green lands of lovely Latin America
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Holiday Snaps 1459/5 8 mixes Bob Bradley | Noel Dennis
Caribbean groove with trumpet hooks, Hammond organ & DJ scratching
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Totally Tropical 1459/8 8 mixes Dave James
Lively upbeat calypso soca with steel drums & driving percussive beats
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Blue Tropical 1459/1 8 mixes Dave James
Happy mid tempo calypso with steel drums & driving percussive beats
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Caribbean Lullaby 1459/4 9 mixes Dave James
Romantic, slow paced evocative calypso ballad with steel drums
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Dipso Calypso 1252/2 1 mixes Tim Garland
Silly baritone sax & trombone calypso
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Steelie Pan 1213/5 4 mixes Terry Devine-King
Cheerful Caribbean groove and steel pans
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Cali Calypso 1213/4 8 mixes Tim Devine
Vibrant Latin/Caribbean Calypso combined with Colombian Vallenato
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Soca To Me 1158/3 8 mixes Tim Devine
Tropical/Caribbean Soca, with elements of Merengue & Calypso
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El Presidente 1151/1 9 mixes Tim Devine
Up tempo contemporary dance rumba. Features flute solo
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Jolly Dodger 1115/2 10 mixes Matt Hill
Cheerful upbeat drums, organ, vinyl scratching & flute melody with a Caribbean flavour
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King Karnival 1060/2 8 mixes Tim Devine
Bright, upbeat Caribbean Latin dance/merengue/calypso. Full mix
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Caribbean Jive 1020/3 6 mixes Terry Devine-King
Fun, Caribbean Calypso with brass melody
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Holiday Song 2 1362/28 2 mixes Elfed Hayes
Super cheery pop calypso underscore
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