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Aquellos Tiempos 3036/4 13 mixes Carlos José Alvarez
Traditional Cuban bolero with romantic acoustic guitar & yearning trumpet
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Relaxed Riviera 2950/8 11 mixes David O'Brien | Paul Clarvis
Alluring bolero played by a sun-drenched & squiffy market square band
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Los Desperados 2108/1 12 mixes Lincoln Grounds | Randall Breneman
Retro cinematic Tex Mex bolero with trumpets, twang & heroic choral build
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Bolero Espanol 2089/4 8 mixes Ray Davies
Pizz strings over rhythmic snare drum. Cor anglais lead. BIG build!
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Al Andalus 1704/5 13 mixes Neil Williams | Nigel Hitchcock
Sensual Moorish soprano sax theme with ethnic percussion
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El Mariachi Magnifico 1513/5 9 mixes Tim Devine
Mexican ranchero waltz with violins, trumpets, accordion & guitar melodies
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Mariachi Romantico 1513/7 10 mixes Tim Devine
Mexican Bolero Ranchero, romantic Mariachi
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Havana Heartbreak 1389/4 2 mixes Jeremy Sherman
Simple, light acoustic guitar melody over Latin percussion
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Road To Havana 1158/6 1 mixes Miguel Moreno
Chilled groove with a Latin feel & Spanish guitar
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Mediterranean Love 1158/4 4 mixes Miguel Moreno
Slow emphatic bolero with Mediterranean feel
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Adios Bolero 1101/5 6 mixes Miguel Moreno
Laid back Spanish guitar & small group
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Cuban Affair 1233/11 2 mixes Jeremy Sherman
Mid tempo latin jazz. Acoustic guitar melody with bass & light percussion

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