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Peleona 3239/7 10 mixes Gustavo Casenave
Traditional tango waltz with wistful melody shared between nylon-string guitars & Argentine bandoneon. Also features piano & a small string ensemble
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Villa Dolores 3239/4 11 mixes Gustavo Casenave
Jaunty quintet featuring piano, bandoneon & strings perform an upbeat traditional tango with a hint of melancholic spice
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A Don Hetore 3239/1 14 mixes Gustavo Casenave
Dramatic, dark & powerful tango with bandoneon, piano, & strings
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Cajita De Ilusiones 3239/2 14 mixes Gustavo Casenave
Uplifting, playful & almost funny milonga with piano, strings & bandoneon
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Gleam Of Light 3093/6 11 mixes Keith Beauvais | Dave James
Stealthy, nimble pizzicato strings with romantic Spanish guitar & slinky Latin American bongo groove
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Bailarina Espanola 2445/2 12 mixes Sam Wedgwood
Flamboyant string quintet tango featuring passionate solo violin
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Passion Fever 2263/6 9 mixes Terry Devine-King
Quizzical tango with a hint of intrigue featuring pizz strings & accordion
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Buenos Aires Nights 2251/2 8 mixes Christophe Goze | Frederic Langlais
Up-tempo dance beat with chilled vibes, bandoneon melody & acoustic guitar
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Fuego Tango 2251/3 9 mixes Christophe Goze | Frederic Langlais
Down-tempo tango fusion with bandoneon melody over electronica beats
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Milonga 2251/4 7 mixes Christophe Goze | Frederic Langlais
Sad, romantic Argentine bandoneon melody above a contemporary groove
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Sadango 2251/1 11 mixes Christophe Goze | Frederic Langlais
Quirky & furtive tango fusion with bandoneon melody
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Zenango 2251/5 7 mixes Christophe Goze | Frederic Langlais
Wistful tango fusion with Argentine bandoneon, synths & ethnic percussion
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Move Along 2231/4 11 mixes Chris Egan | Sonia Slany | Paul Clarvis
Passionate tango with soaring strings, brass & percussion
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Two To Tango 2071/13 14 mixes David Tobin | Jeff Meegan | Julian Gallant
Passionate Argentine tango with violin & string orchestra
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Slaptango 1865/7 11 mixes David Tobin | Jeff Meegan | Jim Gailloreto
Stealthy Argentine tango featuring marimba, body slaps & pizzicato strings
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Drunken Clam 1733/1 6 mixes Christopher Ashmore | Benjamin Marks
Jaunty Latin Rumba featuring piano & quirky melodica lead
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Tango Betty 1666/7 7 mixes Terry Devine-King | Chris Warner
Sly, whimsical tango with pizzicato strings & bandoneon
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Jewell 1649/2 8 mixes Bruce Maginnis | Daniel Weltlinger
Smooth Latin instrumental with passionate violin & jazz influences
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Pink Parasol 1649/3 7 mixes Bruce Maginnis | Daniel Weltlinger
Classic tango featuring melodramatic violin lead
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Dramatango 1625/4 12 mixes Roberto Briot
Quirky, mysterious tango with furtive bandoneon, dark piano & string pads
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Tango Mephisto 1579/7 8 mixes Tim Garland
Devilish tango with bravado violin & real bandoneon
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Mysterious Love 1579/1 8 mixes Tim Garland
Film noir tango with tortured & emotive violin over brooding ensemble
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Bicycle Ride 1579/4 4 mixes Tim Garland
Happy go lucky traditional Argentinean romp with violin & bandoneon
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Tango Neon 1579/9 3 mixes Tim Garland
Dark tango remix with light groove, sinister pad & vocal sounds
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Waltz After Hours 1579/8 5 mixes Tim Garland
Sentimental waltz with violin, piano & bandoneon. Tango passion & pathos
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