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Running Deep 3452/4 12 mixes Tim Garland
Laid back, cool 1960s jazz quintet with classic horns over steady piano & bass groove
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The Real Thing 3446/8 11 mixes Johnathan Pratt | Tarjas White
Laid-back jazzy guitar & beautiful, soulful female vocals over a smooth drum & percussion groove
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Breathing Underwater 3433/6 12 mixes Thomas Evans | Joshua Arcoleo
Swirling piano arpeggios, mellow saxophone melodies & ambient FX build with a driving drum & percussion groove
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Mphepo 3324/6 8 mixes Todd Speakman | Jesse Keegan | Luke Henry Mullen
Bizarre & atonal intro with voice samples builds into laid-back jazzy groove with horns, hypnotic keys & cool drums
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Get To Know Ya 3205/6 10 mixes Matt Goodman
Soulful male vocals, funky bass & orchestral strings over a tight, but laid-back drum groove
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Portraits 2767/1 9 mixes George Georgia
Smooth hip hop with jazz trumpet solos, bass, guitar groove & light beat
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Date Night 2534/4 10 mixes Gareth Johnson | Tim Garland
Soulful breakbeats with cascading brass section & dreamy keys
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Evening Glitz 2498/3 12 mixes Bob Bradley | Chris Egan
Luxury soul jazz groove with lush orchestra, funky bass & cool piano
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Chop The Greens 2382/5 9 mixes James Taylor
Laid back, smooth 70s funk with cool Hammond & slick brass
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Up With The Lark 2382/2 10 mixes James Taylor
Cool 70s US cop show funky jazz with swinging brass & groovy Hammond
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Strutting Out 2182/3 7 mixes Terry Devine-King | Paul Clarvis
Cool 1960s jazz/soul groove with bluesy Rhodes & Hammond
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Too Much Of A Good Thing 1754/1 8 mixes Bruce Maginnis | Kate Henshaw
Slow, chilled blues ballad featuring soulful female vocal
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November Moon 1684/2 15 mixes Pete Masitti | Lindsay Wynn
Smooth, classic jazz ballad featuring female vocal & haunting sax
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Sole Boy 1647/7 8 mixes Neil Williams | Gerard Presencer
Soul jazz trumpet led light funk groove
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Nana Bar 1634/3 9 mixes Bob Bradley | Noel Dennis
Smooth funky grooves with chilled pads, soul guitar & jazzy trumpet
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Space Dub 1634/4 8 mixes Bob Bradley | Josh Weller
Chilled trip hop with haunting sax, dubby sounds & trippy textures
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Funked Out 1619/10 8 mixes Bob Bradley
Cool groove with double bass, soul brass, jazzy trumpet licks & retro piano
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Cluster Funk 1550/5 8 mixes Bob Bradley | Noel Dennis
Deeply funky soul groove with trumpet hooks & melody
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Midnight Reflections 1543/8 6 mixes Christopher Ashmore
Reflective, jazz-flavoured ballad with piano & double bass
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Higher Love 1523/4 7 mixes Bruce Maginnis
Cool, laid back jazz funk groove with sax top line
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People Can You Hear Me 1461/4 4 mixes Tim Garland
Upbeat soul song with funky bass line & belting brass section
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Sister Sister 1461/5 5 mixes Tim Garland
Funky RnB influenced song with band & brass section
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Oh Money Man 1461/2 4 mixes Tim Garland
Swaggering big band with belting female vocals
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No Trouble 1461/7 3 mixes Tim Garland
Soul song about hard times. Positive build to end
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Best Day Of Your Life 1461/1 4 mixes Tim Garland
Upbeat classic soul song with powerful vocals
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