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Crying Times 2047/2 7 mixes Keith Beauvais
Slow continental jazz featuring haunting melodica & jazz guitar
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When Dreams Come True 2016/3 12 mixes David Tobin | Jeff Meegan | Charley Harrison
Snug, fireside Christmas jazz with warm strings & smooth US male vocal
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Night Sphere 1964/4 11 mixes Tim Garland
Prowling, nocturnal jazz. Orchestral strings, muted trumpet & seductive sax
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Sassy Gals 1900/4 13 mixes Little Violet | Bob Bradley
1930s slow & sexy jazz with old brass, clarinet & double bass
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Get Connected 1887/8 10 mixes Jason Pedder | Ben Ziapour | Jamie Ziapour
Laid back, lounge jazz/hip hop fusion featuring piano, smooth sax & cool fx
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Hip Gnosis 1861/1 9 mixes Tim Garland
Hypnotic Rhodes riff with cool 1960s jazz horns & developing groove
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Spanish Harlem 1861/4 12 mixes Tim Garland
Sleazy late night jazz groove with Latin influences
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Glimmer Of Your Smile 1824/6 10 mixes David Tobin | Jeff Meegan | Charley Harrison
Wistful, smoky jazz ballad with romantic string orchestra & female vocal
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I'll Be Yours 1824/3 11 mixes David Tobin | Jeff Meegan | Charley Harrison
Cosy, romantic crooned ballad with warm orchestral strings
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Dreaming Of Snow 1792/2 16 mixes David Tobin | Jeff Meegan | Tim Garland
Warm, smooth, lush jazz song with a family oriented Christmas feel
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When It's Christmas Time 1792/3 10 mixes David Tobin | Jeff Meegan | Charley Harrison
Warm & cosy Christmas ballad with smooth male vocals
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Take Two 1754/5 11 mixes Bruce Maginnis
Laid back, piano led jazz blues with guitar, trumpet & male harmony vocals
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Making Up With You 1738/2 5 mixes Tim Garland
Gospel tinged, jazz piano ballad. Romantic, emotional & reflective
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Cafe Soho 1730/2 6 mixes Tim Garland | Joseph Locke | Geoffrey Keezer
Laid back, bluesy Rhodes with ultra cool, jazzy vibes
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Dark Bubble 1730/1 6 mixes Alexander L'Estrange
Cool, swinging jazz combo featuring piano & vibes. Slight air of mystery
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Gallery And Hilary 1730/3 6 mixes Alexander L'Estrange
Easy listening swing jazz featuring piano & vibes. Lazy, retro feel
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On The Prowl 1717/2 6 mixes Gareth Johnson | Tim Garland
Moody, jazz hip hop noir with smooth brass & grooving deep bass. Builds
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The Prowl 1716/2 7 mixes Tim Garland | Gareth Johnson
Nocturnal, sleazy big band detective/spy theme with dramatic build
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More Than Friends 1703/9 7 mixes Tim Garland | Joseph Locke | Geoffrey Keezer
Warm, romantic saxophone over softly chiming arpeggios
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Tribeca 1703/8 7 mixes Tim Garland | Joseph Locke | Geoffrey Keezer
Smooth, mellow Rhodes & vibes with a chilled, late night feel
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Love Suite 1695/1 12 mixes Bob Bradley | Matt Sanchez | Steve Dymond | Noel Dennis
Blissful smooth chill out with late night trumpet & provocative vocals
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November Moon 1684/2 15 mixes Pete Masitti | Lindsay Wynn
Smooth, classic jazz ballad featuring female vocal & haunting sax
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Eventually 1684/3 17 mixes Pete Masitti | Lindsay Wynn
Upbeat jazz pop ballad with positive female vocal
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Just Like Christmas 1684/6 16 mixes Pete Masitti | Michael Verzi
Classy jazz Christmas ballad featuring a heartfelt female lead vocal
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Lazing 1661/1 10 mixes Tom Quick | Martyn Bentley | Josh Weller
Laid back jazzy groove with sax, guitar & slight reggae feel
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