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What It Is 2400/2 9 mixes Matt Goodman
Upbeat, raucous funk with brass stabs, punches & male vocals
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Chop The Greens 2382/5 9 mixes James Taylor
Laid back, smooth 70s funk with cool Hammond & slick brass
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Come To It 2382/3 12 mixes James Taylor
Upbeat, Latin influenced horn & Hammond melody on a driving funky groove
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Up With The Lark 2382/2 10 mixes James Taylor
Cool 70s US cop show funky jazz with swinging brass & groovy Hammond
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Hip Hop Skip 2138/4 8 mixes Bob Bradley | David Tobin | Jeff Meegan
Old time swing meets nu electro glitch hop. A good time for all
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Feeling Sleazy 2138/6 8 mixes Bob Bradley | David Tobin | Jeff Meegan
Hard & sleazy jazz with grimy bass, dirty old brass & phat beats
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Interland 2115/1 11 mixes Terry Devine-King | Evelyn Glennie
Cool, mysterious swingbeat jazz fusion featuring vibraphone & retro strings
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Captain Crawfish 2103/2 10 mixes David Tobin | Jeff Meegan | Freddie Gavita | Richard Kimmings
Funky New Orleans piano with hot brass, cool Hammond & blazing blues guitar
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Know It All 2103/7 14 mixes David Tobin | Jeff Meegan | Freddie Gavita | Richard Kimmings
Feel-good 1970s funky jazz/RnB fusion with horn section melody & piano
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Meterman 2103/4 10 mixes David Tobin | Jeff Meegan | Richard Kimmings
Freewheeling jazz piano with a New Orleans backbeat & tasty guitar solo
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Blu Steele 1986/3 7 mixes Dan Skinner | Adam Skinner | Dave James
Slick, mid tempo 1970s funk with hot horn section & jazzy trumpet solo
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Hollow Truth 1909/6 8 mixes Alex Arcoleo
Tense, enigmatic synth groove with Far Eastern melody lines
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Don't Stop 1900/1 8 mixes Little Violet | Bob Bradley
Cheeky electro swing mash up with female vocals, brass & clarinet
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Peachy 1889/5 9 mixes Bob Bradley | Chris Egan
Super cool groove with funky brass, jazzy piano & cheeky percussion
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Rob The Burglar 1889/6 9 mixes Bob Bradley | Chris Egan
Furtive brush & bass groove with funky brass, tasty keys & cheeky trombone
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Get Connected 1887/8 10 mixes Jason Pedder | Ben Ziapour | Jamie Ziapour
Laid back, lounge jazz/hip hop fusion featuring piano, smooth sax & cool fx
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Harlem Hot Club 1887/2 10 mixes Jason Pedder | Ben Ziapour | Jamie Ziapour
Chilled, finger clicking Latin hip hop with nylon guitar, sexy sax & vocal fx
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Pimps And Hustlers 1887/3 16 mixes Jason Pedder | Ben Ziapour | Jamie Ziapour
Chilled, sleazy hip hop with processed Rhodes, seductive sax & vocal hooks
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Funk Soul Brother 1887/7 12 mixes Jason Pedder | Ben Ziapour | Jamie Ziapour
Mellow hip hop with soulful sax, funky guitar & twisted fx
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City Never Sleeps 1861/2 11 mixes Tim Garland
Up-tempo, jazz fusion with busy drums, muted trumpet & cool riffing
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Hip Gnosis 1861/1 9 mixes Tim Garland
Hypnotic Rhodes riff with cool 1960s jazz horns & developing groove
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Jazz Nightmare 1861/8 8 mixes Tim Garland
Tense dash through moments of unhinged jazz virtuosity & sonic madness
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Throwback Jack 1861/6 8 mixes Tim Garland
Funky jazz groove with cool double bass, bluesy organ & slick retro horns
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Cosmopolitan 1848/1 7 mixes Chris Blackwell
Fast paced jazz club. Aspirational & sophisticated
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