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Piety Street 3339/3 10 mixes David Tobin | Jeff Meegan
Cool, laid back New Orleans brass band with sleazy lead trumpet & funky rhythm section
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Gorgan 3324/1 12 mixes Todd Speakman | Jesse Keegan | Luke Henry Mullen
Playful funky Afrobeat. Big horn section, frantic percussion rhythms & a touch of Senegalese vocals
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Kulu 3324/5 9 mixes Todd Speakman | Jesse Keegan | Luke Henry Mullen
Ethereal & building Afrobeat groove with hypnotic bass, fast percussion, horn section, buzzing synths & vocal chants
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Mphepo 3324/6 8 mixes Todd Speakman | Jesse Keegan | Luke Henry Mullen
Bizarre & atonal intro with voice samples builds into laid-back jazzy groove with horns, hypnotic keys & cool drums
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Latin Sun 3324/4 10 mixes Todd Speakman | Jesse Keegan | Luke Henry Mullen
Energetic Latin jazz tune with detuned piano, fast percussion, horns & trumpet solos
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Market Place 3324/3 7 mixes Todd Speakman | Jesse Keegan | Luke Henry Mullen
Energetic Afrobeat groove with wild alto sax over jazzy electric piano, driving bass & funky horns
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Flying Lizard 3324/2 7 mixes Todd Speakman | Jesse Keegan | Luke Henry Mullen
Relentless Afrobeat groove with jazzy & psychedelic instrumentation weaving in & out throughout
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Making Tracks 3011/8 8 mixes James Taylor
Smooth 1960s orchestral funk. Glamorous & luxurious
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Electric Black 3011/5 7 mixes James Taylor
70s detective thriller with ominous piano, eerie strings & drum groove
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White House 2818/6 10 mixes Pete Davis | Christian Marsac
Smooth up-tempo groove with slick acid jazz drums, strings & synths
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Out Of Funk 2797/4 6 mixes Jason Rebello
Cop show funk with a criminal groove, wah wah guitar & immense horns
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Trunkful of Funk 2797/1 8 mixes Jason Rebello
Laid back heavy funk groove with monster horn section & 70s synth
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Hypnofunk 2797/8 9 mixes Jason Rebello
Hypnotic dub bass, gentle funk guitar & drum groove with dreamy flute
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Blue Funk 2797/7 8 mixes Jason Rebello
Smiling acid jazz with Hammond, piano & funky bass grooves
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Very Naughty Boy 2797/2 10 mixes Jason Rebello
Funk fusion bass groove, smooth horns, congas & an air of mystery
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Release Me From The Funk 2797/3 6 mixes Jason Rebello
Uplifting, carefree acid jazz with spirited synth & horn section
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Dreamy Creamy 2797/5 8 mixes Jason Rebello
Mellow smooth jazz with floating flute, bass clarinet & a gentle groove
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Leaving 2710/3 10 mixes Bryce Jacobs
Laid back nocturnal jazz with smooth muted trumpet & distant ambient guitar
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Groove City 2677/4 17 mixes Gerard Presencer
Laid back, 1970s cityscape jazz with hypnotic brass riff & funky groove
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Look To The East 2677/5 11 mixes Gerard Presencer
Tense piano rhythm with Middle Eastern inspired jazz trumpet melody & groove
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Fire And Ice 2623/7 8 mixes Neil Sidwell
Powerful, driving 70s mainstream US rock with towering jazz horns
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Move To The Groove 2623/3 9 mixes Neil Sidwell
Slick, driving jazz funk groove with cool keys & punchy horns
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It's Swingtime 2609/2 16 mixes Marc Jackson Burrows | Chris Bangs
Up-tempo swinging groove with jazz guitar, lively horns, piano & scratches
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Drop It 2500/3 7 mixes Jason Pedder | Douglas Brown | Ashley Barnes | Daniel Hayden
Chilled electronica with cool organ, airy vocal pads & grooving drums
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