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Moonlight Blues 1566/4 7 mixes Bruce Maginnis
Slow, melodic late night lounge jazz blues with expressive violin & piano
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Rockabilly 1543/10 6 mixes Gerard Presencer | Jim Watson
Punchy, classic RnB groove with Memphis-style brass & piano
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No Dough 1425/10 2 mixes Elfed Hayes
Jaunty acoustic guitar led song with "No Dough" chants
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Love Walked Out the Door 1425/4 2 mixes Billy Hayes
Raw, gritty smoky blues. Male vocals
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Jive Jump 1257/2 6 mixes Christopher Ashmore
12 bar big band shuffle/jive. 1950s
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No Rush 1234/9 8 mixes Chris Norton | Frank Mizen
Steady funk, blues bass with choppy guitar & kit
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Thelonius Rag 1157/9 1 mixes Geoffrey Keezer
Light, jazz piano in the style of Thelonius Monk
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Honky Tonk Blues 1157/15 5 mixes Paul Mottram
Classic piano boogie woogie blues on two pianos
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West End Blues 1157/10 3 mixes Christopher Ashmore
Rolling, cool minor blues. Features piano throughout
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Black Tie 1157/1 4 mixes Igor Dvorkin | Duncan Pittock
Up-tempo, smoky Boogie/Jive performed by jazz quartet
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The Blues Boys 1128/9 7 mixes Christian Marsac
Energetic 1950s rhythm & blues with brass section & burning sax solo
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Crossroad Blues 1089/10 1 mixes John Etheridge
Classic, slow solo guitar 12 bar blues
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Blue Ice 1089/12 1 mixes John Etheridge
Cool, laid back solo electric guitar. Slow blues. Walking bass line
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Procession Blues 1089/9 1 mixes Jeremy Sherman
Slow, rough, New Orleans, gospel blues
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Sneaky Snake Blues 1089/2 8 mixes John Etheridge
Lazy, cool blues, featuring violin, acoustic guitars and double bass
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Lazy Daze 1051/14 7 mixes Barrie Gledden
Very laid back blues jazz. Smooth Fender Rhodes and gentle guitar.
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Wear That Hoe Down 1032/2 1 mixes Alan Glen | Roger Cotton
Fast, fun hoe-down featuring piano vamp & harmonica
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Play On 1030/7 1 mixes Tim Garland
Bluesy modern jazz featuring tenor saxophone and vibes
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I'm Out 2 2817/60 8 mixes Terry Devine-King | Elfed Hayes
Driving twelve-bar rock & roll instrumental with honky sax & blues piano
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Brand New Way To Be Me 3 1795/8 17 mixes David Tobin | Jeff Meegan | Mark Armstrong
Cool & sexy big band tune with blues feeling & electric guitar lead
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