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Song For Patch 3245/1 8 mixes Hardress Lloyd
Catchy, summery indie folk anthem with male vocal, ukulele, drums & piano
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Sail Into The Night 3193/1 10 mixes Will Cookson
Inspiring indie folk song with male & female vocals, piano, strings & rousing chorus. Builds with choir & trumpet
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Brightest Star 3193/2 7 mixes Will Cookson
Reflective indie folk song with male & female vocals, picked acoustic guitar. Builds with drums, trumpet & voices
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The Wolves They Will Come 3163/7 12 mixes Geoff Rana | Paul Lani | Adam Alexander
Reflective male vocals & rolling acoustic guitar build with soft drum groove & beautiful, emotive strings
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Christmas Bells 3085/1 9 mixes Will Cookson | Amy May Ellis
Christmas indie folk song with delicate female vocal, drums, strings & brass. Builds with rousing choruses
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Fragile Heart 2954/1 8 mixes Will Cookson | Amy May Ellis
Emotive driving indie folk relationship song with agitated female vocal
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Christmas In The City 2894/4 12 mixes Bob Bradley | Adam Dennis | Abigail Alton | Alistair Griffin
Romantic festive nu folk song with guitar, brass band, strings & male vocal
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Gonna Lay Here (A While) 2887/2 12 mixes Jesse Walton
Warm indie folk pop song with catchy & uplifting chorus. Male vocal
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Feel It Too 2867/2 12 mixes Lincoln Grounds | Thomm Jutz
Inspiring stompin' & clappin' modern US indie folk anthem. Vocal version
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Take Me Home 2821/2 12 mixes Bob Bradley | Matt Parker | Steve Dymond
Upbeat trashy indie folk pop with driving guitars & dirty harmonica
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What You Heard Ain't True 2821/3 17 mixes Bob Bradley | Matt Parker | Ronnie Stokes
Trashy indie folk song with jangly guitars, train brush drums & male vocal
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You Got Fire 2821/1 16 mixes Bob Bradley | Matt Parker | Steve Dymond
Upbeat trashy indie folk pop love song with besotted male vocal. 1960s feel
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Queen 2809/3 10 mixes Jonathan Lloyd
50s style ballad with rolling piano, electric guitar & emotional male vocal
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Picture Of A Century 2809/2 11 mixes Jonathan Lloyd
Fingerpicked guitar with nostalgic vocal & uplifting strings ending
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Is This Love 2808/1 15 mixes Jake Field | Ian Janco Gillberg | Randall Breneman
Anthemic folk pop song about risking all in the name of love. Male vocal
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Take Five 2790/6 13 mixes Andy Huckvale
Cool, quirky indie with jazz trumpets, ukuleles, male vocal & swing groove
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Let The Light In 2714/8 10 mixes Chris Bussey | Craig Bussey | Annie Drury
Uplifting indie folk love song with male vocal
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Safe From Harm 2647/2 20 mixes Adam Drake | Tom Jenkins
Gentle piano & ''safe from harm'' vocal hook builds to uplifting indie folk
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The Balcony Tale 2631/2 15 mixes John Vella | Anthony Donlon | Joel Burton | Paul Derricott
Emotional narrative over open indie folk groove. Male vocal
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Chasing The Rain 2631/4 23 mixes John Vella | Anthony Donlon | Joel Burton | Paul Derricott
Anthemic indie folk with male vocal & piano. Full band builds with strings
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Strangers Love 2631/5 21 mixes John Vella | Anthony Donlon | Joel Burton | Paul Derricott
Upbeat indie folk song with male vocals, singalong chorus & banjo
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A New Morning 2631/3 16 mixes John Vella | Anthony Donlon | Joel Burton | Paul Derricott
Driving & upbeat indie folk with acoustic guitars & feel-good male vocals
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Pray For Love 2599/6 12 mixes Josh Mitchell
Positive indie folk song with male vocals & uplifting chorus
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One Fine Day 2564/1 11 mixes Chris Blackwell
Mid-tempo indie folk instrumental with bright acoustic guitars
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Remember The Day 2526/2 17 mixes Adam Drake | Tom Jenkins
Triumphant indie folk builds with catchy male vocal chants
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