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Seeing Code 3744/2 15 mixes Jethro Chaplin | Raithe Laurence | Harry George Keyworth
Mid-tempo hip hop groove with sidechained synth, catchy keyboard hooks, uplifting strings, funky wah guitar & vocals
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Something Other Than Myself 3733/1 9 mixes Justin Holets | Mendeleyev Allan-Blitz | Grailan Kato Ceaser Jr
Jazzy hip hop with crunchy swung drums, muted trumpet, synth pads, plucked strings & lead male rap vocal
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Forever More 3733/2 11 mixes Justin Holets | Mendeleyev Allan-Blitz
Laid back R&B with moody trap drums, jazzy piano, synths & smooth male vocal
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Just Enough 3733/3 10 mixes Justin Holets | Mendeleyev Allan-Blitz | Lazarus Maurice McRae
Piano lead jazzy hip hop with piano, muted trumpet, synth, bass, sampled drums & sung & rapped male vocal
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Guilty Looks 3733/4 11 mixes Justin Holets | Mendeleyev Allan-Blitz | Aaron Hosea Campbell
West coast style hip hop with sampled drums, synths, bass, plucked violin, male rapping & singing. Explicit
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Tell Me What You Want 3733/5 10 mixes Justin Holets | Mendeleyev Allan-Blitz | Aaron Hosea Campbell
West coast chill out R&B with synths, bass, plucked violin, swung drum groove & rapped & sung vocals
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When Wrong Is Right 3733/6 11 mixes Justin Holets | Mendeleyev Allan-Blitz
Chilled out jazzy hip hop with soulful male vocal, R&B drums groove, bass, piano, synths & percussion
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To Ashes 3729/1 10 mixes Kelly Mac | Nicole Neely | Jason Petrin
Dramatic hip hop with propulsive strings, steady drums & bass synth
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Crowd Control 3729/2 9 mixes Kelly Mac | Nicole Neely | Jason Petrin
Huge stadium hip hop with dramatic, sweeping strings & big drums. Builds
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Dead Ends 3729/3 9 mixes Kelly Mac | Nicole Neely | Jason Petrin
Minimal hip hop with dark, emotional string melodies, vocal samples & hard hitting drums
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Warped Wax 3729/5 11 mixes Kelly Mac | Nicole Neely | Jason Petrin
Smooth hip hop with uplifting string melody, synths, vocal samples & fast paced drums
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Revolving 3729/6 10 mixes Kelly Mac | Nicole Neely | Jason Petrin
Tense hip hop crossover with dramatic string melodies, synth drone, piano & drums
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Dust In The Groove 3729/7 10 mixes Kelly Mac | Nicole Neely | Jason Petrin
Energetic hip hop with synth bass, sweeping orchestral strings & hard hitting drums
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Don't Rock The Boat 3722/1 12 mixes Dylan Rogers
Hard hitting hip hop with staccato live brass, heavy beats, synths, vocal fx & bass
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Hyper Mode 3722/2 12 mixes Dylan Rogers
Groove heavy swung hip hop with brass melody, knocking kicks, pizzicato synths, bass & vocal fx
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Ram 3722/5 12 mixes Dylan Rogers
Hard hitting trap with half-time drum groove, live brass, bass, synths & vocal fx
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Shoot The Sky 3722/6 8 mixes Dylan Rogers
Bass heavy orchestral trap with half-time drums, live brass riffs, synths & bass
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Tokyo Heat 3722/7 12 mixes Dylan Rogers
808 lead trap with glittering synth plucks, driven 808 bass, vocal texture & trap drum beat
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With Hope And Glory 3722/8 13 mixes Dylan Rogers
Powerful swung half-time hip hop drums & vocal textures build with triumphant brass melody & shouts
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You're Over The Line 3722/9 7 mixes Dylan Rogers
Escalating synth driven trap with synth plucks, driven bass, trap drums & hard hitting choruses
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Ohh Yeahh 3720/5 6 mixes Melvin Marlon Henderson
Hypnotic, mid-tempo hip hop with looping ambient modulated vocal sample, trap drums & melodic 808 bass
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Some Ting 3720/6 6 mixes Melvin Marlon Henderson
Dark hip hop with eerie modulated vocal sample & trap drums. Builds with dark clap loop, hi-hats & layered vocals
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Wonton Soup 3720/2 6 mixes Melvin Marlon Henderson
Up-tempo hip hop with layered bell synth stabs, melodic percussive vocal loop & hard hitting drums
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Worldwind 3720/7 6 mixes Melvin Marlon Henderson
Uplifting, melodic trap with hard 808 drums, percussion, claps, arpeggiated synth chord stabs & synth chord layers
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Star Wars 3720/9 12 mixes Melvin Marlon Henderson
Forward moving hip hop with layered vocal textures, bass, bouncy beats & positive plucked textures
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