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Off The Ground 3372/1 15 mixes Tian Qiu | Johnathan Pratt
Bright hip hop with male rap vocal, crunchy beat, heavy bass, swaggering synths & grime bridge section
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You Know What's Going Down 3364/1 13 mixes Joshua Alan Barlow | Andy Cooper
Club R&B/hip hop groove with dirty synth bass & gang vocal chants
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Want It Need It 3364/8 13 mixes Joshua Alan Barlow | Andy Cooper
Heavy hip hop groove with gritty, dramatic synths, big drums & aggressive vocal shouts
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What You Wanna Do 3364/9 13 mixes Joshua Alan Barlow | Andy Cooper
Early 00s-flavoured hip hop beats with buzzing synth topline, handclaps & catchy male/female vocal hook
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24 Hours 3289/9 14 mixes Matt Goodman | Matthew Bento
Tropical-tinged R&B with palm-muted guitar, laid-back groove & modern pop vocals
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Look What You Made Me Do 3289/1 12 mixes Matt Goodman | Matthew Bento | Mark Asare
Tropical R&B pop with a simple steel pan groove, synths & smooth male vocals
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Project LA 3289/5 10 mixes Matt Goodman | Matthew Bento
Bouncy synths & handclaps into RnB groove with processed male vocals & deep bass
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Summer Somewhere 3289/3 13 mixes Matt Goodman | Matthew Bento
Summery, romantic hip hop with synths, trap drums, piano & cool male vocals
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In Your Skin 3201/8 11 mixes Julian Emery | Adam Noble
Driving mid-tempo rock/hip hop fusion with rapped & sung male vocals. Striving for success & self-worth lyrics
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Still Got The Funk 3181/6 10 mixes Matt Goodman | Matthew Bento
Electro funk hybrid with groovy synth bass, uptempo beat & smooth male vocals
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Swear To God 3134/2 11 mixes Joe Milburn
Dark modern hip hop with subdued rap vocal, aggressive synth hits, distorted 808 beat & industrial FX. Clean Version
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Savage 3134/3 15 mixes Joe Milburn
Upbeat modern hip hop with effected male vocal, pop synths, bouncy bassline & live drum beat. Clean Version
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Riding Through The City 3134/1 13 mixes Joe Milburn
Dreamy modern hip hop with R&B male vocal, airy synth pads, light bass, guitar solos & pulsing drum beat. Clean Version
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Fairytale Ending 3134/4 11 mixes Joe Milburn
Quirky modern hip hop with smooth male vocal, stabbing key & horn hits, melodic guitar & rock drum beat. Clean Version
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My Gz 3078/4 11 mixes Christopher Leandre | Anton Flanders | Pablo Love | Campbell E Browning
Hip hop with effected vocals, deep bass hits, eerie synth melodies, trap beat & UK grime influences. Explicit mix
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Offline 3076/6 8 mixes Elysha Zaide | Angel Davanport | Cristalle Bowen
Hip hop club anthem with female rap, vocals & synths
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We The People 3068/2 13 mixes Todd Speakman | Guy Speakman | Joseph Downard | Marcus Dawes
Sombre intro with spoken word evolves into fast political rap with piano, strings & busy drum groove
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Twerking On Mars 3068/4 13 mixes Todd Speakman | Guy Speakman | Joseph Downard | Marcus Dawes
Retro 80s synth arpeggios over laid-back groove with male rapper & celestial female backing vocals
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Stacking That Paper 3003/4 7 mixes Elysha Zaide | Angel Davanport
Fierce hip hop with strong female rap & hard beats
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AM Honey 2999/8 13 mixes Johnathan Pratt
Laid back hip hop with smooth rap, synths & easy drum groove. Adult mix
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Get U Some 2999/1 13 mixes Johnathan Pratt
Driving hip hop with bold vocals, heavy bass & dark synths. Adult mix
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Long Cold Night 2999/3 13 mixes Johnathan Pratt
Dark hip hop with tuned vocals, murky keys, guitar & trap beat. Adult mix
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Say So 2999/4 13 mixes Johnathan Pratt
Heavy hip hop with bold rap, quirky FX & hard trap beat. Adult mix
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Way Out 2999/2 13 mixes Johnathan Pratt
Upbeat hip hop with rap, trap drums & anthemic chorus. Adult mix
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Mona Lisa Smile 2999/7 13 mixes Johnathan Pratt
Tropical hip hop with upbeat rap vocal, smooth guitar. Adult mix
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