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4th And Long 3709/6 10 mixes Samuel Youngblood Jr.
Dramatic hip hop with huge brass stabs, string melodies, arpeggiated synths, hard hitting drums & vocal shouts
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Bobbin And Weavin 3709/3 12 mixes Samuel Youngblood Jr.
High energy, fast paced hip hop with driving string melodies, big brass hits, hard hitting drums & melodic synth
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Dunks Like A Truck 3709/4 11 mixes Samuel Youngblood Jr.
Powerful, dramatic sports hip hop with big synths, trap drums, vocal shouts & huge orchestral brass stabs
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Fumble In The Jungle 3709/2 12 mixes Samuel Youngblood Jr.
Epic orchestral hip hop with dramatic driving strings, big brass swells, ticking trap drums, drum rolls & synths
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Kicking Grass And Taking Names 3709/7 11 mixes Samuel Youngblood Jr.
High energy hip hop with quirky synth melody hook, huge brass stabs, claps, vocal shouts & trap drums
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Move Blitz Get Out The Way 3709/8 10 mixes Samuel Youngblood Jr.
Dramatic orchestral hip hop with driving, repeating string melody, aggressive trap drums, synths & huge brass stabs
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Pop Lock And Block It 3709/10 13 mixes Samuel Youngblood Jr.
Tense sports hip hop with hard hitting drums, orchestral brass & strings, vocal shout, hooky synth melody & big builds
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Who Got My Back 3709/1 12 mixes Samuel Youngblood Jr.
Epic sports hip hop with huge brass stabs, marching drums, whistle FX, synths & trap drums
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Dreamer Awake 3696/5 14 mixes Marc Jackson Burrows
Super chilled lo-fi jazz hop with catchy jazz guitar melodies gentle Rhodes, synths & beats
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Butterfly Garden 3696/6 15 mixes Marc Jackson Burrows
Super chilled jazz hop with soft Rhodes, sultry trumpet, jazz guitar, ambient synths & laid back hip hop drums
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Goldfinch 3696/7 16 mixes Marc Jackson Burrows
Super chilled jazz hop with lo-fi Rhodes, guitar, smooth trumpet & infectious hip hop beats
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Keep On Shining 3696/1 14 mixes Marc Jackson Burrows
Old school, chilled lo-fi jazz hop with gentle repeating piano melody, grooving hip hop beats, chilled guitar & funky bass
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Kiss Me 3696/3 14 mixes Marc Jackson Burrows
Relaxed lo-fi hip hop with sweet bossa guitar, vibes, beats, Rhodes & lazy trumpet melody
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Late Night Affair 3696/8 12 mixes Marc Jackson Burrows
Relaxed jazz hop with tight old school hip hop drums, chilled guitar & soothing sax
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Magic Delights 3696/9 16 mixes Marc Jackson Burrows
Laid back jazz hop with magical twinkling piano, lo-fi atmospheric sounds, chilled hip hop beats & sultry sax
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Now Introducing 3696/4 16 mixes Marc Jackson Burrows
Super chilled old school jazzy hip hop beats with lo-fi guitars, gorgeous sax & synths
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Stargaze 3696/2 14 mixes Marc Jackson Burrows
Late night jazz hop with sultry jazz guitar chords & melody, lo-fi beats, chilled out sax melodies & piano
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The Happening 3696/10 15 mixes Marc Jackson Burrows
Lo-fi, jazzy hip hop with chilled trumpet, jazz guitar licks, claps & cool synths
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Banjo 3688/3 5 mixes Matt Goodman
Fun banjo led upbeat trap with 808 bass, clicks, synths & electric guitar riffs
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Rum Bar 3688/4 5 mixes Matt Goodman
Latin infused trap with Cuban piano hook, hard hitting 808 bass, congas & vocal FX
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Without Fear 3615/1 12 mixes Aaron John Shapiro | Kelly Mac
Huge & dramatic cinematic hip hop with powerful trap drums, warped strings & blasting horns
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Fly By 3615/2 19 mixes Aaron John Shapiro | Kelly Mac
Powerful cinematic hip hop. Eerie intro builds to climax with huge brass hooks, vocal FX, sweeping strings & trap drums
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Sonder 3615/3 18 mixes Aaron John Shapiro | Kelly Mac
Steady trap beats & synths build with repeating horn melody, big brass stabs, strings & vocal FX
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Quake 3615/4 17 mixes Aaron John Shapiro | Kelly Mac
Mid-tempo trap beats with steady strings, ambient synths & big brass fanfares & eerie vocal FX
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Final Form 3615/5 18 mixes Aaron John Shapiro | Kelly Mac
Synth atmosphere builds to a fusion of steady trap drums & big brass stabs with sweeping melodic strings & unison horns
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