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Sunrise Aftermath 2618/4 4 mixes Patrick Hawes
Moving orchestral memorial for the fallen with bugle calls & majestic brass
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Hilltop Bugle Call 2267/6 19 mixes Paul Clarvis | Mike Lovatt
Regal trumpet fanfare with marching snare drum
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Paul's Post 2267/5 15 mixes Paul Clarvis | Mike Lovatt
Rousing military wake up call with snare, trumpet, piccolo & flugelhorn
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Summon The Cavalry 2267/8 10 mixes Paul Clarvis | Mike Lovatt
Spirited military fanfare with rhythmic snare march, trumpet & piccolo
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Battle Call 2072/12 10 mixes Patrick Hawes
Military horn & bugle-like calls in question & answering phrases
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Last Post Soldier 1520/28 2 mixes Arr. Nick Ingman | Terry Devine-King
Last post trumpet call with atmospheric reverb
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Regal Fanfare 1046/17 7 mixes Paul Mottram
Ceremonial brass and percussion fanfare
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At The Ready 1033/15 8 mixes Paul Mottram
Bugle Fanfare (4 bugles ensemble)
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Call To Arms 1033/18 4 mixes Paul Mottram
Short Bugle Call (4 bugles ensemble)
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Bugle Call 1033/16 4 mixes Paul Mottram
Bugle call (4 bugles ensemble)
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The Tragic Bugler 1486/81 3 mixes Igor Dvorkin | Duncan Pittock
Tragic strings with military feel with bugler
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Last Post 1120/17 1 mixes Arr. Steve Sidwell
Solo bugle arrangement of The Last Post
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Rouse 1120/23 1 mixes Arr. Steve Sidwell
Solo bugle arrangement of Rouse
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Reveille 1120/22 1 mixes Arr. Steve Sidwell
Solo bugle arrangement of Reveille
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Fanfare of the Stars 3 1046/66 3 mixes Paul Mottram
Ceremonial trumpet fanfare. Long reverb

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