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Survive 3348/2 14 mixes Phil Panton | Tom Barnes
Cool pop song with male vocals, guitars & drums. Reflective pop verses transition to heavy dubstep chorus'
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Metal Works 3281/1 10 mixes Kelly Mac | Suat Akin Orbay
Dark & percussive dubstep track with spliced vocals FX driven by found-sound percussion sounds
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Sneakers 3281/9 8 mixes Kelly Mac | Suat Akin Orbay
Driving beats with traditional African percussion & chanting vocal elements, 808, heavy synths & vocal shouts
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Guardians 2567/1 7 mixes Bob Bradley | Terry Devine-King
Orchestral dubstep fusion with choir, futuristic rhythms & monster bass
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Legend 2567/4 7 mixes Bob Bradley | Terry Devine-King
Anthemic orchestral EDM dubstep with huge bass, tuff beats & choir
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Escapism 2509/3 15 mixes John 00 Fleming
Heroic dubstep with euphoric synths & piano led breakdowns
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Club Love 2494/7 8 mixes Bob Bradley
Anthemic dubstep with ambient piano build up to frenzied bass drop climax
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Drop 2494/5 8 mixes Bob Bradley
Melodic dubstep with ripping bassline, piano & pad topline & glitchy beats
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Multiply 2494/4 8 mixes Bob Bradley | Sebastian James Beresford
Anthemic dubstep with guitar & string build-up to huge drum & bass drop
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Mutate Or Die 2494/1 8 mixes Bob Bradley | Sebastian James Beresford
Hard hitting dubstep with glitchy synths, huge drum groove & ripping bassline
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Punished 2494/2 8 mixes Bob Bradley
Heavy dubstep with throbbing bass & ripping analogue synth lead lines
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Vivid 2494/6 8 mixes Bob Bradley
Chilled dubstep with piano & synth pad melody & climactic bass drop
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Hell Raiser 2494/3 9 mixes David O'Brien
Hard dubstep with strings, demonic organ & glitchy, gated bassline
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Lost In Love 2377/3 11 mixes Tom Quick | Sara Garvey
Epic post dubstep song with female vocal
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Breathless 2336/2 16 mixes Alex Norgate | Robyn Ayers
Silky, melodic female vocals over lilting beat into twisted dubstep drops
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Did You Call My Name 2304/4 14 mixes Marc Jackson Burrows
Anthemic chillstep drops into punchy dubstep with female vocal & metallic synths
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Dangerous Thoughts 2297/5 9 mixes Alex Arcoleo
Tense, persistent electronic textures drop into dark dubstep beats
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Citonault Pipo 2286/3 20 mixes John 00 Fleming
Heavy electro bass with dubstep beats & electronic wizardry
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If I Had Four Hands 2286/4 18 mixes John 00 Fleming
Ambient piano builds into dubstep inspired hybrid
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Come Together 2278/5 16 mixes Richard Kimmings | Jason Pedder | Gavin Conder
Intense drumstep with dirty bass & soulful male voice with positive lyrics
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Dedication 2278/1 11 mixes Richard Kimmings | Jason Pedder | Douglas Brown | Gavin Conder
Anthemic drumstep with gritty synths, huge guitars & persistent male vocals
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Same Goes 2278/2 9 mixes Jason Pedder | Dieter Gickel
Introspective but powerful drumstep with piano & intense, edgy synths
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Acceleration 2270/5 13 mixes Darren Leigh Purkiss
Growling synth bass with cool fx jumping between hard house & dubstep beats
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Twisted Dimension 2233/2 9 mixes Marc Jackson Burrows
Aggressive trap with heavy beats, searing bass & rap vocals
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Dark Ruler 2229/5 14 mixes Kes Loy
Sinister electronica. High synth melody, glitched beats & effects
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