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Annabella 3165/8 10 mixes Cyril Giroux | Campbell E Browning | Pablo Love | David Bossan
Romantic, wistful 1950s style ballroom rumba with strings, trumpet, woodwind & percussion
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Nuestra Rumba 3036/7 13 mixes Carlos José Alvarez
Afro-Cuban rhumba with strong percussion groove, flute solo & Latin vocals
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Afternoon Rumba 2543/3 14 mixes Freddy Gottlieb
Easy listening Latin rumba with nostalgic guitar melody & accordion solo
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Rumbastic 2543/1 13 mixes Freddy Gottlieb
Brisk yet wistful rumba with passionate guitar melody, mandolins & accordion
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Memories Of Seville 2146/3 7 mixes Keith Beauvais
Traditional Spanish flamenco rumba with soaring guitar & cajon
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Sharp Dresser 1961/4 9 mixes Dave James | Keith Beauvais
Snappy 1960s funky Latin Jazz groove. Winklepicker sharp!
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Peanut Man 1893/3 7 mixes Dave James | Keith Beauvais
Shifty Latin Mambo with sassy big band brass, piano & crazy vocal shouts
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Hot Mambo 1893/4 7 mixes Michael Craig | Dave James
Bombastic, 1950s style Mambo with brass, quirky organ & swinging beat
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Midnight Cafe 1893/2 9 mixes Michael Craig | Dave James
Smooth, late night Latin vibe with retro organ, silky trumpet & seductive sax
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Love Island 1809/2 7 mixes Dave James
Laid back, romantic Latin groove with sensuous Spanish guitar
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Drunken Clam 1733/1 6 mixes Christopher Ashmore | Benjamin Marks
Jaunty Latin Rumba featuring piano & quirky melodica lead
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Long Island Iced Tea 1721/5 14 mixes Chris Egan | Trystan Francis
Stylish Latino disco with Spanish guitar & orchestral strings
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The Heart Of My Gypsy Guitar 1721/7 8 mixes Miguel Moreno
Thoughtful & romantic flamenco rumba ballad with Spanish guitar
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Cocktail Hour 1717/1 9 mixes Gareth Johnson | Tim Garland
Funky Latin fusion with big band horns & Cuban piano over a relentless groove
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Cuban 1716/1 5 mixes Tim Garland | Gareth Johnson
Chunky big band Latino groove with slightly dance hall middle section
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Alfama 1570/3 9 mixes Igor Dvorkin | Duncan Pittock | Ellie Kidd
Classic Fado tune with acoustic guitars & Portuguese lute
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The Yellow Tomato 1560/9 8 mixes Gerard Presencer | Jim Watson
Plaintive mariachi trumpet duet with guitar, accordion, strings & rumba beat
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Beach Party 1559/2 9 mixes Terry Devine-King
Energetic Latin dance pop with rumba/ flamenco influence
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La Noche Morena 1514/4 8 mixes Tim Devine | Leonardo Ceballos Infante
Contemporary paseo vallenato with rumba beat, accordion & guitar solos
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Viva Latina 1506/7 10 mixes Barrie Gledden | Chris Bussey
Sexy salsa with female vocal. Hot & spicy percussion mix
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Fiesta Brava 1498/2 7 mixes Christopher Ashmore
Light pop Latin with big brass playing
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Stooge Rumba 1497/4 5 mixes Tim Garland
Cute & jaunty clarinet theme with Spanish guitar & double bass
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Rumba Candombe 1488/4 4 mixes Tim Garland
Dance band Rumba with big band brass & flute
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Fiesta Forever 1444/2 11 mixes Barrie Gledden | Kes Loy
Mediterranean party jam with Spanish guitar, Greek rhythms & Flamenco claps
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Iberiana 1444/3 7 mixes Barrie Gledden
Up tempo Spanish lifestyle with hot guitar & flamenco claps
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