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Hogmanay Fling 1064/27 3 mixes Chris Norton | Frank Mizen
Lively traditional Scottish Reel.
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Good Ol' Boys 1051/2 2 mixes Terry Devine-King
Traditional Country & Western with slide guitar, violin & backing vocals
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Homecoming 1046/5 2 mixes Patrick Hawes
Cheerful chamber orchestra divertimento in the style of Vivaldi. Also available as a Christmas track with Sleigh Bells. See Sleigh Ride
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Hey Nonny 1003/19 1 mixes Ian Hughes
Traditional, bright early baroque theme with recorder & lutes
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The Great Outdoors 1002/13 1 mixes Ian Hughes
Cheerful, pastoral orchestral, medieval jaunt
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Queensland Drover 2 1866/9 12 mixes Bruce Maginnis | Mark Johns
Colonial folk instrumental with cheerful accordion, violin & acoustic guitar
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Maypole 4 1003/18 4 mixes Ian Hughes
Bright, cheerful early renaissance ensemble. End section of Maypole
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Damigene Dobrogene 3140/4 11 mixes Igor Dvorkin | Freddy Gottlieb
Charming Romanian folk dance with traditional plucked instruments & flutes. Village feel
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Turkey Trot 2253/1 10 mixes Tim Renwick
Thigh-slappin', toe-tappin' hoe down with acoustic guitar & shuffling snare
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All At Sea 2202/2 14 mixes Richard Lacy | David Bird | Terry Maskill
Bright, catchy Celtic folk with maritime influences & marching feel. Builds
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Jive With Joy 2019/1 12 mixes Bruce Maginnis
Vibrant, happy folk stomp featuring mandolin, hand claps & piano
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Jolly Japes 1582/7 5 mixes Chris Blackwell
Happy, bright & jaunty accordion, violin & spoons
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Country Fair 1231/11 1 mixes Jeremy Sherman
Cheerful English Dobro & accordion folk tune
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Masquerade 1164/15 1 mixes Tim Renwick
Bright, chorused guitars playing cheerful waltz
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Sailing Away 1120/11 2 mixes Paul Mottram
Atmospheric flowing melody for folk ensemble with authentic C.17th instruments
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St James 1004/23 1 mixes Ian Hughes
Lively baroque orchestral theme, settles into pastoral waltz
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Old Russian Road 4 (60) 1944/21 11 mixes Igor Dvorkin | Bibs Ekkel | Ellie Kidd
Sad, nostalgic European folk waltz with gypsy guitar & bass only
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Travelling Troubadours 6 1518/28 7 mixes Chris Egan
Ye olde medieval solo flute playing courtly folk dance
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Celtic 1456/9 1 mixes Orlando Jopling
Simple folk melody played on violin & piano
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Post Horn Canter 1001/62 3 mixes Ian Hughes
Light, tripping orchestra, under simple horn motive
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Dark Ages 2 (60) 1046/60 6 mixes David O'Brien
Faster section of Dark Ages. Courtly, formal mediaeval dance
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