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Hava Nagila 1571/1 8 mixes Arr. Igor Dvorkin | Duncan Pittock | Ellie Kidd
Traditional Jewish dance with violin melody. Speeds up throughout
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Ionika 1570/4 7 mixes Igor Dvorkin | Freddy Gottlieb | Duncan Pittock | Ellie Kidd
Sirtaki dance played by Greek village band featuring bouzouki, baglamas & accordion
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Rising Green 1570/8 10 mixes Igor Dvorkin | Duncan Pittock | Ellie Kidd
Driving, rocky, building Celtic step dance with pipes, fiddles & swagger
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March of the Goblins 1518/17 3 mixes Debbie Wiseman
Pagan drums with ancient woodwind accompaniment
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May Pole 1518/18 2 mixes Jeremy Sherman
Traditional cheerful English folk with guitars, banjo & percussion
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Swing Dance 1518/6 8 mixes Kathryn Tickell
Light cheerful hornpipe with accordion & fiddle
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Running Polka 1518/13 7 mixes Kathryn Tickell
Fast Irish squeeze box & strummed acoustic guitar
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Drowsy Maggie Session 1518/4 6 mixes Kathryn Tickell
Very fast Irish reel with Uilleann (Irish) pipes & whistle - fast & furious!
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Road To Kielder 1456/3 5 mixes Kathryn Tickell
Warm, mid tempo folk instrumental slipjig
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Countryside Air 1336/1 4 mixes Kathryn Tickell
Lilting, pastoral English folk air featuring Northumbrian pipes & melodeon
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Morris Men 1336/7 4 mixes Kathryn Tickell
Classic morris dance, with foot bells, whoops & everything you would expect
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After Birnam 1336/2 3 mixes Kathryn Tickell
Lively, mid tempo folk featuring Northumbrian pipes
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Red Letter Day 1336/4 4 mixes Kathryn Tickell
Cheerful, fast folk hornpipe featuring Northumbrian pipes
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Mother Volga 1248/8 3 mixes Igor Dvorkin | Duncan Pittock
Narrative & moving Russian featuring domra, balalaika, bajan & strings
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Tavystock Fair 1231/10 5 mixes Chris Gibbons
Bright English country folk dance. Features Cittern (Mandola) & guitars
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Breton Lament 1183/2 8 mixes Christian Marsac
Lilting Celtic folk. Breton feel, featuring guitar, fiddle & Celtic harp
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Danse Bretonne 1183/4 8 mixes Christian Marsac
Bright French/Breton Celtic dance with accordion, fiddles, guitar & Celtic harp
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Folk Dance 1114/4 1 mixes Patrick Hawes
Charming, lilting dance with small string orchestra
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The Drayman's Round 1095/1 8 mixes Barrie Gledden | Richard Lacy
Fast, Celtic style reel featuring fiddle, banjo & accordion
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Shepherd's Whistle 1074/7 3 mixes Ian Hughes | Chaz Kkoshi
Cheerful, folky melody played on a penny whistle with percussion, accordion and guitar
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Celtic Flame 1065/6 9 mixes Mike Stobbie
Joyful, upbeat, Celtic jig. Features fiddle and bodhran. Builds from solo fiddle to full band.
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Freestyle 1065/1 6 mixes Richard Lacy | Nick Haigh
Irish reel. Live improvisational feel. Features fiddle, mandolin, mandola, guitar & bodhran
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On The Road 1065/2 5 mixes Richard Lacy | Nick Haigh
Light, bright Irish Jig. Improvisational feel
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