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Getting Closer 2806/6 14 mixes Kes Loy
Tense bass with anxious flamenco guitar & handclaps over an atmospheric bed
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Alegria De Cadiz 2787/3 15 mixes Glenn Sharp
Happy, traditional flamenco with guitars, voices, cajon, clapping & dancer
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De Ida Y Vuelta 2787/5 15 mixes Glenn Sharp
Upbeat traditional flamenco with guitars, voices, clapping, cajon & dancer
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Espiritu Gitano 2787/2 17 mixes Glenn Sharp
Passionate gypsy flamenco with guitars, voices, cajon, clapping & dancer
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Muy Lejos De Casa 2787/6 16 mixes Glenn Sharp
Intense gypsy flamenco with guitars, voices, cajon, clapping & dancer
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Tangos De Cadiz 2787/4 17 mixes Glenn Sharp
Lively, rhythmic flamenco with guitars, voices, cajon, clapping & dancer
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Una Noche En Jerez 2787/1 16 mixes Glenn Sharp
Fast, busy flamenco with guitars, cajon, voices, clapping & dancer
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La Vida Fiesta 2662/1 20 mixes Richard Kimmings | Lincoln Grounds | Douglas Brown
Hot Spanish holiday dance fusion with driving gypsy guitars & clapping
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Spanish Nights 2662/3 15 mixes Richard Kimmings | Lincoln Grounds | Douglas Brown
Scorching holiday house fusion with flamenco passion & guitar melody
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Summer Forever 2662/5 21 mixes Richard Kimmings | Lincoln Grounds | Douglas Brown
Sexy Mediterranean dance groove with Spanish guitars & world flavours
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Balkan Showdown 2444/4 14 mixes Emily Lim
Blasting Balkan brass & flamenco-tinged guitar with epic sax
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Dancing Horses 2146/2 7 mixes Keith Beauvais
Passionate flamenco bulerias with fiery Spanish guitar & stomping percussion
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Memories Of Seville 2146/3 7 mixes Keith Beauvais
Traditional Spanish flamenco rumba with soaring guitar & cajon
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Saharan Winds 2146/4 9 mixes Keith Beauvais
Foot stomping flamenco dance with driving beats & Spanish guitars
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Spanish Serenade 2146/1 9 mixes Keith Beauvais
Romantic gypsy flamenco with Spanish guitars & handclap percussion
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Outward Journey 2076/7 12 mixes Terry Devine-King
Up-tempo Latin jazz fusion with flamenco claps & acoustic guitar melody
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Fire Dancer 1893/1 9 mixes Dave James | Keith Beauvais
Fiery Latin stomper with Flamenco guitars, brass, hand claps & accordion
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Asturias 1859/3 8 mixes Jeremy Sherman
Thoughtful Spanish guitars build to lively flamenco with drums & percussion
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Ribadesella 1859/1 7 mixes Jeremy Sherman
Wistful, evocative Spanish guitars with double bass & castanets
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Sierra Morena 1859/5 6 mixes Jeremy Sherman
Romantic & wistful Spanish guitars with gentle percussion
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Sol De Verano 1835/1 9 mixes Tom Quick | Adam Drake
Bright Spanish guitars over dance electronica with flamenco claps
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Solano 1835/4 11 mixes Tom Quick | Adam Drake
Up-tempo Spanish guitars over dance groove with percussion & claps
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Andalusia Nights 1799/1 12 mixes Christophe Goze
Up-tempo flamenco house with driving & evocative Spanish guitars
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Catalonia Dream 1799/4 12 mixes Christophe Goze
Brooding, building Latin groove with smouldering flamenco guitar & pads
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Driving Through Spain 1799/6 10 mixes Christophe Goze
Warm, up-tempo flamenco with sunny Spanish guitars, percussion & voices
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