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Brasilia 3439/7 17 mixes Juan Andres Matos | Lorena Perez-Batista
Smooth, romantic bossa nova with warm strings, solo flute, acoustic guitar, choral horns & Brazilian percussion
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Midnight Cruise 3029/6 6 mixes Mark Allaway | Jeff Lardner
Kitsch easy listening 1960s bossa nova with piano, sax & trumpet
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G And T Sunset 3029/3 6 mixes Mark Allaway | Jeff Lardner
Easy going 1960s cocktail lounge bossa nova with piano, flutes & sax
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Latin Lover 2933/9 11 mixes Bob Bradley | Paul Clarvis | Neil Harland
Quirky bossa fusion with perky pizz, breezy whistling & busy brush drums
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Do Me Wrong 2887/1 10 mixes Jesse Walton
Warm & catchy bossa nova influenced indie pop song with male vocal
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Alone Again 2750/6 13 mixes Tim Garland
Romantic, emotional sax over lush strings & light bossa nova rhythm
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Fado Bossa 2617/8 9 mixes Christophe Goze | Frederic Langlais
Portuguese fado with bossa rhythms, guitar & accordion
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When Again 2595/3 12 mixes Tim Garland
Bossa with male crooner, romantic orchestra & Italian hook line
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Bossa Boogie 2302/6 7 mixes Terry Devine-King
Fun, dark & quirky dramedy with retro organ & guitar above a bossa groove
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What Now 2302/5 10 mixes Terry Devine-King
Cheeky blues-based dramedy with guitar & clarinets over a bossa groove
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Bahia 2265/1 12 mixes Jair Claudino Rodrigues Junior | Guilherme Lopes Rodrigues | Pablo Love | Campbell E Browning
Smooth Brazilian chill out with jazz bossa feel, vocals & Rhodes
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See The Sun 2184/6 12 mixes Bob Bradley | Matt Sanchez | Steve Dymond | Sarah Wassall
Electro bossa remix with luxurious lounge trumpet & vocal
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Beijos 2090/5 6 mixes Tim Garland
Chilled retro bossa nova with flute & dreamy female vocal melody
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Gentle Dream 2090/3 7 mixes Tim Garland
Relaxed 1960s jazz bossa with piano, sax & sultry female vocal melody
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Retro Beach 2090/7 7 mixes Tim Garland | Romero Lubambo
Mellow lounge jazz bossa with chilled male vocal & lilting sax solo
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Sunset In Rio 2090/1 8 mixes Tim Garland | Romero Lubambo
Romantic bossa ballad with sumptuous strings & male/female vocal duet
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All The Right Moves 1961/2 7 mixes Dave James
Cool & groovy 1960s Latin jazz bossa with smooth swanky saxophone
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Bing Bang Bong 1961/3 9 mixes Dave James | Keith Beauvais
Swinging 1960s jazz bossa nova with blazing brass & bonkers vocal hook
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Midnight Cafe 1893/2 9 mixes Michael Craig | Dave James
Smooth, late night Latin vibe with retro organ, silky trumpet & seductive sax
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Desejo 1835/6 7 mixes Tom Quick
Cool, smoky Bossa groove with mellow piano & muted trumpet at 3:08
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Comme Des Robinson Crusoe 1805/6 12 mixes Lincoln Grounds | Vincent Lapie
Dreamy & cool French samba song with male vocal, accordion & piano
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Chipi Chipi 1721/4 8 mixes Philip Guyler | John Stax
Funky Latino groove with cheeky female vocal hooks & electro beat
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