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Doing What I Do Best 2733/7 16 mixes Jeff Meegan | David Tobin
Fun, up-tempo bluegrass cowboy hoedown song with group vocals. Yee-haw
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Rolling Country Fiddler 2718/7 12 mixes Tom Peters | Greg McDonald
Jolly ceilidh band folk stomp with lively fiddle & driving rhythm section
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Irish Warmblood 2718/4 15 mixes Tom Peters | Greg McDonald
Good-time, foot tapping country folk stomp with sprightly fiddle solos
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Cork Opener 2209/2 14 mixes Chris Egan | Sonia Slany | Paul Clarvis
Relaxed violin reel with small pub band accompaniment
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Four Leaf Clover 2209/1 10 mixes Chris Egan | Sonia Slany | Paul Clarvis
Light hearted bar room jig with violin melody
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House On A Hill 2209/6 6 mixes Chris Egan | Sonia Slany | Paul Clarvis
Laid back bluesy saloon band with tack piano & violin duet
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Pint Of The Black Stuff 2209/5 6 mixes Chris Egan | Sonia Slany | Paul Clarvis
Lively Irish reel featuring jaunty fiddle with banjo, tack piano & bodhran
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Silver's Set 2202/3 14 mixes Richard Lacy | David Bird | Terry Maskill
Bright, energetic Irish folk reel with contemporary influences
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White Sergeant 2064/4 15 mixes Arr. Tom Peters | Greg McDonald
Frenetic, fiddle led Celtic folk stomp
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Johnny Can't Dance 2015/5 10 mixes Frank Mizen | Daniel Mizen | Miles Brear Gilderdale | Chris Norton
Country roots with a fun & sprightly dance featuring fiddle, banjo & hand claps
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Cactus Dave 1911/3 10 mixes Richard Lacy | David Bird
Cheerful hillbilly hoedown with banjo & mandolin melody
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Dinner Medals 1911/4 10 mixes Richard Lacy | David Bird
Happy, mid tempo hillbilly workout with banjo & steel guitar
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Clog Dance 1786/7 13 mixes Tim Renwick
Bright olde folk theme builds with layered instruments & drums
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Transatlantic Session 1786/2 10 mixes Tim Renwick
Up-tempo bluegrass/folk crossover with acoustic guitar lead & tin whistle
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Arkansas Stomp 1737/2 7 mixes Jeremy Sherman
Mid tempo bluegrass with banjo, mandolin, footstomps & handclaps
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Oh Susanna 1623/5 9 mixes Arr. Igor Dvorkin | Duncan Pittock | Ellie Kidd
Blue grass arrangement of traditional North American folk song
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Banjolin 1623/2 6 mixes Jeremy Sherman
Mid tempo bluegrass with banjo, mandolin, acoustic guitar & bass
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Hank's Honky Tonk 1623/8 6 mixes Jeremy Sherman
Mid tempo, traditional country blues with pedal steel & shuffling backing
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Barndance 1390/4 3 mixes Jeremy Sherman
American bluegrass hoedown with guitar, mandolin & banjo
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Capercaillie 1273/3 1 mixes Brendan Power
Fast harmonica & Celtic whistle duet
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Hoedown Showdown 1156/6 5 mixes Barrie Gledden
Cheerful banjo & acoustic guitar duet
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The Drayman's Round 1095/1 8 mixes Barrie Gledden | Richard Lacy
Fast, Celtic style reel featuring fiddle, banjo & accordion
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Billy Hill's Bender 1092/3 5 mixes Christopher Ashmore
Fast, upbeat country hoedown featuring violin, banjo and piano
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Kentucky Roads 1070/1 6 mixes Dennis Caplinger
Traditional finger picking Bluegrass. Features fiddle and banjo
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Celtic Flame 1065/6 9 mixes Mike Stobbie
Joyful, upbeat, Celtic jig. Features fiddle and bodhran. Builds from solo fiddle to full band.
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