Many of the pieces of music found in the Audio Network’s Music Library would work well within the comedy genre. These specially selected comedy music samples, however, cater exclusively for those specifically seeking laugh-out-loud comedy music production for film, TV, animation or advertising work. The full range of comedy music themes is catered for; including saucy and slapstick comedy music, cheeky and cheesy comedy music or a good old-fashioned comedy music chase sequence. Tracks are organised by mood (choose from happy comedy music, jaunty and whimsical comedy music, plodding and cumbersome comedy music or touching, reflective songs that hint at the sadness behind the smiles) You will also find themed sections (music hall comedy music, comedy music sound effects, comedy music for sit-coms etc.) that make it simple to locate the piece that exactly suits your requirements. Tracks feature impressive instrumental comedy music as well as crazy vocal comedy music effects that will have you rolling in the aisles. Browse the comedy music section to find a piece that complements and enhances the hilarity of your situations, characters and images.

Try combining musical styles, moods, instumentation and production genres

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