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Sleeping Baby 3412/8 12 mixes Stefano Civetta
Light & delicate solo piano lullaby
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Busy Fingers 3326/3 9 mixes Jody Jenkins
Light & frothy pizzicato string workout with twinkling percussion & woodwind
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Mousing Around 3326/2 9 mixes Jody Jenkins
Cheeky stop/start pizzicato strings & chamber orchestra with quirky percussion in the pauses
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Teetering Tops 3326/1 7 mixes Jody Jenkins
Light, balletic piece for pizzicato strings, woodwind & percussion. Speeds up & slows down throughout
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Dramedy Drive Thru 3326/5 8 mixes Jody Jenkins
Quirky, magical waltz with twinkling percussion & low, ominous woodwinds to offset the sprightly pizzicato strings
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Martinis And Monocles 3326/4 8 mixes Jody Jenkins
Cheeky swing-time number with pizzicato strings, woodwinds, percussion & brushed drums groove
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Plinky Plonk Rag 3326/7 9 mixes Jody Jenkins
Classic ragtime jaunt for pizzicato strings, woodwind & light percussion
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Cloud Flow 3143/2 14 mixes Paul Mottram
Warm flowing strings & bowed vibes with gentle piano hook. Builds gently & positively
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Old Ship 3132/7 7 mixes James Brett
A modal cello theme with stately orchestra evoking rural landscapes & historical grandeur. Slight renaissance feel
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Colours Of Spring 3093/5 10 mixes Keith Beauvais
Joyful staccato strings with uplifting & nostalgic Spanish guitar
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Lumiere 3093/3 9 mixes Keith Beauvais
Dramatic staccato strings with romantic Spanish guitar & wistful clarinet solo
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Reaching The Summit 2949/4 11 mixes John Ashton Thomas
Bright & driving orchestra full of determination with triumphant climax
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Expressions 2838/5 9 mixes Terry Devine-King
Atmospheric intro building into calm, pulsing orchestral textures
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Night Forest 2838/6 8 mixes Terry Devine-King
Foreboding, magical, mysterious orchestral build
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Flight As A Feather 2777/5 5 mixes Simon Porter
Fast-paced, light-hearted adventure for pizzicato strings
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Beautiful Things 2740/3 6 mixes Philip Guyler
Lyrical, warm strings, piano & harp remind of all that's good in the world
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Flight Of Fancy 2740/2 7 mixes Philip Guyler
Expansive & energetic strings tell tales of romance & adventure!
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Soaring Horizon 2740/1 8 mixes Philip Guyler
Driving strings & tuned percussion dramatic, determined build
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One Last Time 2732/6 14 mixes Paul Mottram
Sombre emotive strings build with constant pulsing piano chords
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At Speed 2712/4 7 mixes Patrick Hawes
Bright & energetic piano full of optimism & hints of Bach
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Deceptive Patterns 2700/2 16 mixes Paul Mottram
Playful intricate interweaving strings, vibes & piano
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Final Crusade 2666/3 5 mixes Alexander L'Estrange | Ben Parry
Epic, stirring choral texture. Cinematic, biblical & heroic
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Revelation Of Truth 2666/6 6 mixes Alexander L'Estrange | Ben Parry
Epic choral texture gaining in intensity with a momentous ending
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Going For Baroque 2645/11 11 mixes Arr. Alexander L'Estrange | Ben Parry
Busy & energetic scat vocal version of Bach's Double Violin Concerto
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Minor Meltdown 2645/4 9 mixes Arr. Alexander L'Estrange | Ben Parry
Frenetic scat vocal rendition of Bach's famous Prelude in C minor
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