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Sunnyside 1126/7 1 mixes Robert Bruce
Cheerful small orchestra with oboe melody
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Riverbank 1126/5 1 mixes Patrick Hawes
Gentle undulating strings with delicate violin melody
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Bluebell Railway 1126/10 2 mixes Patrick Hawes
Cheerful, pastoral chamber orchestra with oboe melody
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Soiree 1120/15 1 mixes Helen Jane Long
Light, bright string orchestra and piano
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Minuet For Strings 1120/6 1 mixes Ray Davies
Polite, mid tempo 18th Century style string orchestral
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Tea Room 1097/12 2 mixes Christian Garrick
Polite Edwardian tea room violin
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Homecoming 1046/5 2 mixes Patrick Hawes
Cheerful chamber orchestra divertimento in the style of Vivaldi. Also available as a Christmas track with Sleigh Bells. See Sleigh Ride
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Tea At Four 1016/3 1 mixes Paul Mottram
Pretty, formal, Palm Court piano trio (Piano, violin and cello)
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Polish Waltz 1016/4 1 mixes Paul Mottram
Sprightly piano trio (piano, cello and violin) Viennese waltz with a Slavic flavour
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Belle Vie 1015/4 2 mixes Paul Mottram
Warm, romantic violin & piano
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Memory Waltz 1001/58 2 mixes Ian Hughes
Polite, courtly chamber orchestral waltz
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Last Waltz 1001/60 2 mixes Ian Hughes
Bright, courtly waltz. Chamber orchestra
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