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Prim And Proper 3158/4 9 mixes Patrick Hawes
Genteel waltz for violin, cello & viola
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Mother Of Pearl 2445/8 11 mixes Sam Wedgwood | Chesney Hawkes
Gentle, romantic waltz with lilting strings & acoustic guitar
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Eine Kleine Nachtmusik Romanze 2346/3 9 mixes Mozart Arr. Julian Gallant | David Tobin | Jeff Meegan
Measured, thoughtful 2nd movement of Serenade for small orchestra (1787)
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Celebrated Minuet 2346/10 8 mixes Boccherini Arr. Julian Gallant | David Tobin | Jeff Meegan
Stately & charming string quintet arrangement of Boccherini classic (1771)
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English Summer 2071/1 8 mixes David Tobin | Jeff Meegan | Julian Gallant
Light, airy strings, melody shared by piano, clarinet & violin
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English Waltz 2071/6 10 mixes David Tobin | Jeff Meegan | Julian Gallant
Charming orchestral waltz with lilting clarinet melody
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Afternoon Tea 2023/4 5 mixes Patrick Hawes
Afternoon string quartet plays elegant theme with simple accompaniment
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Busy As A Bee 2023/2 5 mixes Patrick Hawes
Bright, energetic string quartet plays an optimistic staccato theme
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Jack Frost 2023/9 5 mixes Patrick Hawes
String quartet staccato theme evoking feelings of a playful winter
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Lazy Summer Afternoon 2023/10 6 mixes Patrick Hawes
A delicate & enchanting string ensemble with dreamy harp flutters
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Picnic Polka 2023/11 5 mixes Patrick Hawes
Cheerful pizzicato strings with blissful, carefree woodwind melodies
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Wisteria Walk 2023/1 5 mixes Patrick Hawes
Assured & relaxed walking strings with charming legato theme
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Throw In The Trowel 2023/7 4 mixes Patrick Hawes
Peaceful & whimsical string quartet with staccato accompaniment
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A Past Of Pride 1966/2 7 mixes Tim Garland
Slow & stately nostalgia with plaintive bassoon over weepy string quartet
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Monte Cristo 1827/1 10 mixes David Tobin | Jeff Meegan
Stirringly poignant yet romantic cello solo with string quartet & dulcimer
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Etiquette 1827/8 19 mixes David Tobin | Jeff Meegan
Quirky 19th century Parisian waltz with string quartet, oboe & harpsichord
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Ladies in Waiting 1553/15 3 mixes Robert Bruce
Prim & proper chamber ensemble with bassoon
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High Society Waltz 1545/5 6 mixes Paul Mottram
Polite & gentle piano with violin & cello
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Crumpet And Croquet 1545/3 5 mixes Paul Mottram
Breezy violin & cello with bright piano. Afternoon tea & tiffin between the wars
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Darcy Waltz 1520/5 1 mixes Debbie Wiseman
Smoothly flowing, romantic orchestral waltz
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Yolanda 1515/12 8 mixes Tim Devine | Jorge Luis Sosa
Polite yet whimsical traditional Cuban Danzon with elegant chamber strings
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Days Of Yore 1202/5 1 mixes Oliver Ledbury
Light, English, classical piano, 'cello & clarinet
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Vista 1202/13 1 mixes Orlando Jopling
Reflective, sweet violin melody with string backing
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Canon 1173/7 2 mixes Arr. Helen Jane Long
String quartet arrangement of famous 18th Century tune
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