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In Flight 2719/1 7 mixes Patrick Hawes
Light, constantly flowing minimalist piano. Haunting, breezy & hypnotic
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So Much To Do 2700/4 14 mixes Paul Mottram
Light intricate strings & marimba with a twinkle in its eye
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Axial Tilt 2688/3 5 mixes James Brett
Pianos, marimbas & strings in an intricate rhythmic build
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Sound Arcs 2688/4 6 mixes James Brett
Rhythmic & hypnotic strings, piano & marimba patterns create waves of colour
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Square One 2688/2 5 mixes James Brett
Mesmerising harps & swirling layers create rhythmic soundscapes
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String Theorem 2688/5 13 mixes James Brett
Lyrical string phrases grow from a rhythm matrix of infinite pianos & harps
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Time Standing Still 2685/7 19 mixes Chris Warner
Hypnotic, innocent woodwind & ticking clock percussion build
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Night Gazing 2657/8 16 mixes Sam Wedgwood
Hypnotic piano with pizz strings & soaring violin solo. Minimalist feel
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Drawn On Stone 2646/5 13 mixes Matt Nasir
Dark, urgent piano with impish strings, pizz walking bass & glock
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Esq 2646/1 13 mixes Matt Nasir
Minimalist piano & strings. Energy builds with tuned percussion & kit
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Horrors 2646/7 15 mixes Matt Nasir
Layered, dark minimal piano motifs with eerie choir, strings & brushed kit
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Positive Outcome 2598/2 13 mixes Paul Mottram
Breezy marimba builds with multi layered pizz strings & woodwind figures
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Nimbus Reimagined 2562/7 13 mixes Guy Farley
Soft harp arpeggios build to emotive sweeping orchestral melody
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And The Mountain 2538/1 15 mixes Michael Levine
Nostalgic minimalist piano figures with propulsive strings. Dramatic ending
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Open Roads 2538/2 10 mixes Lucas Cantor | Dan Martinez | Thomas Parisch
Emotional, romantic minimalist piano with filmic strings
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Rue Des Reves 2538/5 11 mixes Michael Levine
Tense, minimal floating piano & strings with ebb & flow & varied textures
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Optimism 2502/6 15 mixes Sam Wedgwood
Light, bright & breezy woodwind, strings, brass & marimba
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Dark Thoughts 2497/4 11 mixes Lee Pomeroy | David Michael
Dark, suspenseful piano with delay FX, brooding cellos & drone
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Derelict 2497/1 10 mixes Lee Pomeroy | David Michael
Lonely, simple & sparse piano with intermittent plaintive cello & viola
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While The City Sleeps 2497/2 7 mixes Lee Pomeroy | David Michael
Delicate, airy & restful chordal solo piano with delay FX & free tempo
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In Two Minds 2497/3 14 mixes Lee Pomeroy | David Michael
Pensive, gentle piano with rocking motif, joined by mournful cello & synth
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Morning Light 2497/7 5 mixes Lee Pomeroy | David Michael
Intense, insistent minimalist solo piano with rhythmic circling patterns
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Past Memories 2497/6 9 mixes Lee Pomeroy | David Michael
Gentle, wistful, yet soothing piano with delay FX & simple violin & viola
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Pure Air 2497/9 11 mixes Lee Pomeroy | David Michael
Angelic female choir 'ahh's with hypnotic, rhythmic piano & delay FX
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Rejected 2497/5 11 mixes Lee Pomeroy | David Michael
Haunting, hypnotic guitar with clavichord melody, horns, vibes & organ
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