Early / Renaissance (c1450-1600)

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Courtly Serenade 3312/2 9 mixes Skaila Kanga
Wistful, gentle & romantic harp serenade
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Sorrowful Song 3312/6 8 mixes Skaila Kanga
Gentle, wistful solo medieval harp
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Jaunty Air 3305/8 8 mixes Skaila Kanga
Medieval courtly dance on solo harp. Slightly sombre with a spry lilt to its step
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Perfect Shadow 2963/4 12 mixes Rob Kelly | Duncan Pittock
Pure but disturbing soprano singer in reverberant cave. Builds in layers
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Peasant Dance 2524/4 12 mixes David Tobin | Jason Pedder | Mark Johns | Jeff Meegan
Lively 16th century courtly dance with recorders, reeds & percussion
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Sorrowful Monk 2524/2 8 mixes David Tobin | Jason Pedder | Mark Johns | Jeff Meegan
Dark ambient medieval recorder choir over deep religious-sounding drones
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King's Lament 2455/5 15 mixes Mark Johns
Brooding, sparse medieval lute
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Maid Marion's Menuet 2455/3 9 mixes Mark Johns
Pretty, optimistic solo lute. Dry mix
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Princess Promise 2455/2 10 mixes Mark Johns
Delicate, sad renaissance solo lute
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Voices Of The Ancestors 1959/2 14 mixes Tim Garland
Atmospheric, primal choir with beautiful soprano sax
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Rustic Pageant 1620/11 5 mixes Tim Garland
Jolly brass ensemble. Tudor percussion. A courtly romp!
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This Glorious Land 1520/10 11 mixes Terry Devine-King
Portentous, historical brass fanfare with military percussion
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Market Town 1520/3 7 mixes Terry Devine-King
English traditional folk dance featuring a small orchestra
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March of the Goblins 1518/17 3 mixes Debbie Wiseman
Pagan drums with ancient woodwind accompaniment
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English Rose 1189/13 1 mixes Mark Johns
Slow early English/folk feel. Solo Mandolin
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Flower Of England 1189/4 3 mixes David Michael | Lee Pomeroy
Gentle classical acoustic guitar duet. Sixteenth century feel
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Jamaica 1120/9 3 mixes Arr. Paul Mottram
Lively popular tune from the 16th and 17th centuries on authentic traditional instruments
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Homeless 1120/7 1 mixes Paul Mottram
Sad solo recorder gently building into duet with violin pedal
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Greensleeves 1120/5 3 mixes Arr. Ellen Foster
Arrangement for 4 recorders
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Kyrie 1093/13 1 mixes Arr. Matthew Vine | Harry van Berne | Harry van der Kamp | William Purefoy
Four part male vocal harmony from Missa "Pange Lingua" (c.1500)
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Pange Lingua Gloria 1093/14 1 mixes Arr. Matthew Vine | Harry van Berne | Harry van der Kamp | William Purefoy
Quartet male vocal harmony from Missa "Pange Lingua" (c.1500)
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