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Ice Skating 3638/5 20 mixes Sunna Wehrmeijer
Joyful, uplifting orchestra with light guitars, dulcimer, synths & percussion
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Travelling Through Time 3638/3 18 mixes Sunna Wehrmeijer
Bustling orchestral hybrid with staccato strings, whimsical woodwind, light driving percussion & electronic drums
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All I Want For Christmas 3607/3 17 mixes Pete Masitti
Up-tempo, feelgood Christmas pop song with band, piano, bells, sweet female vocals & live brass
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I Wanna Believe 3607/5 14 mixes Pete Masitti
Warm Christmas pop song with soulful female vocal, brass, bells, piano & band
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Feels Like Xmas 3607/1 10 mixes Matt Goodman
Upbeat, bouncy Christmas pop song with piano, guitar, xylophone, sleigh bells & male lead & backing vocals
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Baby It's Xmas 3607/4 10 mixes Matt Goodman
Soulful R&B Christmas song with smooth female vocal, guitar, melodic xylophone, bells, pizzicato strings & beats
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Xmas (Oh Oh Oh) 3607/2 10 mixes Matt Goodman | Matthew Bento
Fun, up-tempo Christmas pop song with guitar, beats, sax, piano & male rap & backing vocals
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Deck The Halls 3599/2 10 mixes Arr. Julian Emery
Hard rock version of 'Deck The Halls' with crunchy rhythm guitars, anthemic lead solos & punchy drums. Frantic double-time speed to end
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Good King Wenceslas 3599/7 11 mixes Arr. Julian Emery
Pop punk version of the festive carol with Wurli & drum loop intro. Features jaw-dropping guitar solo & double time ending
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Jingle Bells 3599/4 11 mixes Arr. Julian Emery
Uptempo punk rock version of 'Jingle Bells' with chugging guitars, overdriven lead melodies, frantic solo & energetic drums
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O Come All Ye Faithful 3599/8 10 mixes Arr. Julian Emery
Majestic rock arrangement of the celebrated carol with chugging power chords & harmonising guitars over a slow groove
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O Holy Night 3599/6 8 mixes Arr. Julian Emery
Uplifting rock band arrangement of the classic carol 'O Holy Night' with a melodic guitar solo
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Silent Night 3599/3 10 mixes Arr. Julian Emery
Mid-tempo classic rock arrangement of 'Silent Night' with a swaying drum groove & howling guitar solo
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Twelve Days Of Christmas 3599/5 12 mixes Arr. Julian Emery
Exuberant heavy rock twist on a yuletide classic with punchy drums & virtuosic guitar. Covers multiple rock genres throughout
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We Wish You A Merry Christmas 3599/1 9 mixes Arr. Julian Emery
Fast & energetic rock arrangement of the traditional Christmas carol with shredding guitar solos
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We'll Bring Christmas Home 3591/2 18 mixes Jeff Meegan | David Tobin | Charley Harrison
Hard swinging big band Christmas song with male vocals & plenty of festive spirit
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The Season's Back Again 3591/4 15 mixes Jeff Meegan | David Tobin | Charley Harrison
Warm & uplifting Christmas jazz song with female vocals, swinging big band & a stocking full of vintage goodness
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Oh What Fun 3591/7 17 mixes Jeff Meegan | David Tobin | Charley Harrison
Uptempo & jazzy Christmas song with Jingle Bells-themed lyrics, swinging big band & spirited strings
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Working For Santa Claus 3591/1 21 mixes Jeff Meegan | David Tobin | Mark Armstrong
Hugely fun big band romp about Santa's elves with male crooner vocals & swinging brass section
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The Holidays Are A Precious Time 3591/6 17 mixes Jeff Meegan | David Tobin | Mark Armstrong
Creamy & intimate big band ballad with warm female vocal & sumptuously smooth strings over a laid-back groove
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When Snowflakes Fall 3591/5 17 mixes Jeff Meegan | David Tobin | Mark Armstrong
Vintage 40s-style seasonal show tune with close harmony male/female vocals over a sprightly big band accompaniment
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The Very Best Day This Year 3591/3 17 mixes Jeff Meegan | David Tobin | Mark Armstrong
Warm & festive Christmas waltz with nostalgic crooner male vocals, bright brass, beautiful strings, winds & upbeat swinging groove
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December Feeling 3564/8 12 mixes Andy Powell | Linda Roan
Mid-tempo wintry soul ballad with nostalgic & heartfelt female vocal
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Dance Of The Sugar Plum Nutcrackers 3495/6 9 mixes Tchaikovsky Arr. George Georgia | David Tobin | Jeff Meegan | Julian Gallant
Trap remix of 'Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy'. Pizzicato strings & magical celeste lead into a gritty & hard-hitting beat
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12 Days 3434/3 8 mixes Arr. Matt Goodman | Matthew Bento
Hip hop twist on a yuletide classic. Male vocals singing contemporary lyrics over an electro beat & overdriven guitar
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