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Over The Hills And Far Away 3309/4 14 mixes Matt Nasir
Enchanting, sparkling chimes & percussive toys with folky acoustic guitar & nostalgic melodica solo
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Happily Ever After 3309/7 13 mixes Matt Nasir
Gentle fingerpicked guitar with chimes, toy piano & dreamy pads. Nostalgic, folky & uplifting
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The Clockwork Waltz 3309/3 13 mixes Matt Nasir
Magical waltz with toy piano, chimes, acoustic guitar & melodica
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Silent Night 3277/1 15 mixes Arr. Paddy Conn | Angelina Dove
Moving Christmas pop ballad arrangement with intimate female vocal, ambient guitars, sparse trumpet & lush backing vocals
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Sleigh Bells 3277/2 14 mixes Paddy Conn | Angelina Dove
Festive & playful pop with female vocals, a magical feel good chorus, guitars, sleigh bells & trumpets
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Stars And Snow 3277/3 16 mixes Paddy Conn
Epic festive indie pop with soaring trumpets, playful guitars, bells. Builds with big drums to a huge ending
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This Christmas 3277/4 20 mixes Paddy Conn | Angelina Dove
Playful festive indie folk pop, with feel good female vocals, jangly acoustic guitars, trumpets & joyful bells
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It's Christmas Time 3277/5 18 mixes Paddy Conn | Angelina Dove
Magical Christmas swing pop with female vocals, feel good chorus, sleigh bells & layered trumpets
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It Must Be Christmas Time 3087/6 11 mixes David Tobin | Jeff Meegan | Freddie Gavita | Jason Pedder
Cosy, fireside Christmas cracker with big band, glitzy strings & schmaltzy male vocal
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Give Me That Cheer 3087/8 15 mixes David Tobin | Jeff Meegan | Mark Armstrong | Jason Pedder
High-energy, swinging big band Christmas song with happy male vocal & chanting kids' chorus response
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Here Comes Santa Claus 3087/3 14 mixes David Tobin | Jeff Meegan | Mark Armstrong | Jason Pedder
Swinging rock 'n' roll big band Christmas song with male vocal
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I'm Coming Home 3086/1 17 mixes Phil Panton | Tom Barnes | Oliver Wilde
Euphoric indie pop with romantic male vocals over building strings, driving guitars & festive percussion
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Can You Feel It Coming 3086/3 15 mixes Phil Panton | Tom Barnes | Oliver Wilde
Festive indie pop rock with anthemic vocals, dreamy guitars & pumping drums with half-time feel chorus
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This Is The Moment 3086/5 18 mixes Phil Panton | Tom Barnes | Oliver Wilde
Magical indie ballad with soft male vocals & piano over uplifting pizzicato strings, guitars & festive percussion
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It Came Upon A Midnight Clear 3086/6 13 mixes Arr. Pete Masitti | John Andrew Barrow
Tender pop arrangement of the Christmas classic with piano, female vocals & percussion
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Jolly Old St Nick 3086/4 11 mixes Arr. Pete Masitti | Douglas Emery
Uplifting pop arrangement of the Christmas classic featuring female lead vocal & band backing
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My Favourite Time Of Year 3086/2 15 mixes Pete Masitti
Up-tempo Christmas pop song with positive female vocals, piano & band backing
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Here With Me 3085/2 20 mixes Jeff Dale | Tim Reilly | Liz Reynolds
Touching indie Christmas ballad with heartfelt female vocal erupts into anthemic chorus
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Wait Forever 3085/6 17 mixes Jeff Dale | Tim Reilly | Liz Reynolds
Romantic & rousing indie Christmas ballad with exultant female vocal
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Christmas Bells 3085/1 9 mixes Will Cookson | Amy May Ellis
Christmas indie folk song with delicate female vocal, drums, strings & brass. Builds with rousing choruses
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Can't Change Christmas 3085/5 8 mixes Will Cookson | Amy May Ellis
Upbeat festive indie folk song with quirky electric piano & female vocal. Builds with sing-along chorus
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I'll Be Back For Christmas 3085/7 7 mixes Will Cookson | Amy May Ellis
Reflective Christmas ballad with piano & yearning female vocal. Builds with marching drum & trumpet
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Stars and Snowflakes 3085/3 8 mixes Will Cookson | Amy May Ellis
Magical Christmas song with delicate piano & beautiful female vocal
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You Remind Me 3085/4 15 mixes Henry Counsell | Gudjon K Bodvarsson Waage
Uplifting Christmas alt pop song with male vocal, piano, choir & rousing brass section
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God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen 3084/2 11 mixes Arr. Thomas Parisch | Laurent Ziliani
Bouncy swing arrangement for gypsy jazz band with violin, clarinet, guitars & walking bass
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