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Little Star 3379/6 7 mixes Nik Kershaw
Gentle, emotional lullaby/ballad with piano, strings & male vocal
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Opium Lullaby 3231/7 9 mixes Jordan Gagne
Slow & hypnotic vocal textures with gently swelling strings & emotive solo violin
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Gentle Lullaby 3088/7 9 mixes Mark Johns
Gentle, peaceful solo classical guitar
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Woodland Lullaby 2954/5 8 mixes Will Cookson | Amy May Ellis
Gentle folk lullaby with picked acoustic guitar & sweet female vocal
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Seven Wishes 2755/5 12 mixes Jody Jenkins
Peaceful gamelan & piano with meditative bamboo flute
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Ar Hyd Y Nos 2669/5 11 mixes Arr. James Brett | Adrian Brett
Folk lullaby 'All Through the Night' sung by Welsh male choir with harp
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Lullaby for Dolly 2601/5 10 mixes Fauré Arr. Julian Gallant | Jeff Meegan | David Tobin | Rob Kelly
Gentle, lilting & charming piano & string orchestra (1864)
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Butterfly Dream 2601/3 9 mixes Puccini Arr. Julian Gallant | Jeff Meegan | David Tobin | Rob Kelly
Serene humming chorus over gentle orchestra. From Madam Butterfly (1898)
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Hush Now 2473/8 10 mixes Liz Reynolds | Tim Reilly | Jason Pedder
Delicate pop ballad with female vocal, acoustic guitar & strings
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Second Movement 2410/7 8 mixes Richard Lacy | David Bird | Terry Maskill
Slow, wistful & elegiac melody featuring traditional plucked instruments
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Liebestraume 2347/8 14 mixes Liszt Arr. Jeff Meegan | Julian Gallant | David Tobin
Gentle arrangement for choir, soloists & piano
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Lullaby 2346/11 14 mixes Brahms Arr. Jeff Meegan | Julian Gallant | David Tobin
Peaceful, snoozy chamber orchestration of Brahms's Lullaby (1868)
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Wish 2314/5 8 mixes Michael Farkas | Teddy Weber | Seth Travins
Easy going country blues lullaby with ukulele, harmonica & gentle vocals
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Apple 2261/3 6 mixes Jonathan Kelly | Alexis Beulah Garside
Ethereal female vocal melodies above gentle ambient piano
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Haunting 2261/7 5 mixes Jonathan Kelly | Alexis Beulah Garside
Plaintive whistled melody with piano accompaniment
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Tender Lullaby 2249/6 9 mixes Patrick Hawes
Tender, comforting piano lullaby
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Wheels Of Time 2249/2 4 mixes Patrick Hawes
Wistful, delicate & graceful flowing piano patterns
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Silver Screen Shadows 2242/11 9 mixes Ray Davies
Blissful, languid strings & choir from the golden era of film
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Enchanted Nights 2242/6 13 mixes Ray Davies
Dreamy, enchanted choir, strings & vibes. Classic 1950s film
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Hush Little Baby 2097/5 12 mixes Arr. Alexander L'Estrange
Famous lullaby sung by a little boy with soothing accompaniment
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Lullaby On The Treetop 2097/4 11 mixes Arr. Alexander L'Estrange
Famous lullaby sung by a boy treble with music box & warm keyboard backing
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Rock A Bye 2097/10 16 mixes Arr. Alexander L'Estrange
Famous lullaby sung by a little boy with piano & sleepy glockenspiel
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Twinkle Twinkle 2097/11 9 mixes Arr. Alexander L'Estrange
Famous nursery rhyme sung by cute little boy with piano & tinkly music box
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Cradle Will Rock 2077/4 9 mixes Arr. Alexander L'Estrange
Spooky, minor-key version of children's lullaby with boy singer & music box
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