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Floating Waves 3609/1 17 mixes Terry Devine-King
Tranquil ambient synths with futuristic blips & pulses, heavenly female vocal texture & chillstep beats
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Sculpted Sands 3609/2 11 mixes Terry Devine-King
Serene, spacious & blissful atmospheric synths with chilled Rhodes & laid back ambient drum groove
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Understanding The Future 3596/4 15 mixes James Copperthwaite | Jonathan Buchanan
Hypnotic interlocking arpeggiated synth patterns build with chill-out beats & soaring strings. Luxurious & dreamy
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Eastern Vision 3594/1 12 mixes Martin Felix Kaczmarski
Uptempo chill out with an exotic feel, combining organic & modern sounds over a driving beat
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Gilded Sun 3594/2 11 mixes Martin Felix Kaczmarski
Laid-back chill house with a funky feel. Features chopped vocals, rhythmic chord stabs & bouncy synth bass
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Harbour Mist 3594/5 9 mixes Martin Felix Kaczmarski
Cool house groove with chopped vocals FX, filtered synth chords & pumping beat
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Magenta Moment 3594/3 11 mixes Martin Felix Kaczmarski
Uptempo underground house groove with deep bass, choppy vocal FX & funky synth chords
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Nightfall Scene 3594/7 13 mixes Martin Felix Kaczmarski
Hypnotic chill house with chopped vocals FX, ambient pads, soft horn synth & uptempo groove
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Paradise Dream 3594/4 7 mixes Martin Felix Kaczmarski
Pumping chill house groove with ambient synths pads & exotic tuned percussion
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Poolside Bar 3594/8 13 mixes Martin Felix Kaczmarski
Uptempo chill house with chopped vocal FX, rhythmic synths & bouncy bass line over a four-to-the-floor beat
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Wavey Flow 3594/6 12 mixes Martin Felix Kaczmarski
Uptempo poolside chill with pitched vocal FX, big synth bassline & pad swells over a punchy beat
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In Search Of The Sunrise 3580/8 10 mixes John 00 Fleming | Tim David Penner
Sunset chill out beats with tropical percussion, atmospheric pads & hypnotic synth FX
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Bamboo 3527/3 22 mixes Marc Jackson Burrows | Michael Tedstone
Traditional South East Asian instruments fused with synths, mellow keys, gentle guitar & chilled beats
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Astro Vision 3500/4 10 mixes Martin Felix Kaczmarski
Cool & laid-back lo-fi hip hop beat with vocal chop FX, smooth bass & chilled synths
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Daybreak Spirit 3500/5 13 mixes Martin Felix Kaczmarski
Lo-fi chilled beats with atmospheric synth hits, low pitched vocal FX, exotic hooks & organic elements
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Golden Eclipse 3500/1 9 mixes Martin Felix Kaczmarski
Chilled lo-fi groove with processed piano, ambient sound FX, sparse vocals & floating synths
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Island Rise 3500/6 11 mixes Martin Felix Kaczmarski
Laid-back lo-fi beat with cool synth hook, organic textural swells, deep bass & sparse vocals samples
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Mountain Drift 3500/3 12 mixes Martin Felix Kaczmarski
Processed piano, breathy vocal FX & ambient sound design over a pumping four-to-the-floor chillout groove
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Sanctum Of Solace 3500/2 9 mixes Martin Felix Kaczmarski
Hypnotic synth, ambient sound design & sparse vocal FX over a chilled lo-fi drum groove
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Sky Rock Dive 3500/7 12 mixes Martin Felix Kaczmarski
Upbeat & summery chillout groove with chopped vocal FX, warm synths & steel pan lead
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Sweet Dreams Liebestraume 3495/8 9 mixes Liszt Arr. George Georgia | David Tobin | Jeff Meegan | Julian Gallant
Ambient remix of 'Liebestraume'. Warm piano soundscape builds to a positive finale with harp & vocals singing "sweet dreams"
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Morning Sunrises 3495/5 9 mixes Grieg Arr. George Georgia | David Tobin | Jeff Meegan | Julian Gallant
Ambient remix of Grieg's 'Morning Mood' with calm & relaxing piano, warm synths & orchestral strings
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Like This 3483/12 17 mixes Martin Kinberg | Pete Davis | Viktor Leif Adam Carlsson
Deeply hypnotic groove with atmospheric male vocals, ambient synth pads & emotive orchestral strings
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Beauty Within 3466/4 12 mixes John 00 Fleming | Tim David Penner
Atmospheric progressive house with pulsing synth bass, descending synth arpeggios & ambient pads
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Cut Deep Interlude 3465/4 8 mixes Sofia Donavan-Lafuente | Alexander Charles Elliott
Ethereal vocals, synth pads & emotive strings over a militaristic marching groove. Cinematic interlude version of Cut Deep
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