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The Fun Gallop 3766/3 6 mixes Nicholas Dodd
Exuberant, sweeping orchestral theme gallops to a strong ending
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Superheroes To The End 3766/6 8 mixes Nicholas Dodd
Insistent, driving rhythmic strings with soaring heroic brass theme. Builds throughout to rousing ending
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Soma 3763/3 15 mixes James Copperthwaite | Jonathan Buchanan
Futuristic electronica with dream like vocal fx, lead synth melody, synth arps, synth pads, bass & contemporary beats
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Glide Into Tomorrow 3763/4 16 mixes James Copperthwaite | Jonathan Buchanan
Organic digital electronic dance with powerful synth riffs, intense bass, synth pads, chilled beats & vocal effects
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Clean Lines 3763/5 15 mixes James Copperthwaite | Jonathan Buchanan
Optimistic future electronica with vocal fx, 4x4 drum beat, gritty lead synth, bass & synth pads
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Switchfoot 3759/1 14 mixes Raithe Laurence
Driving Latin-influenced percussion groove under guitars & kalimbas builds with moody strings. Cool & enigmatic
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Mine 3759/3 13 mixes Raithe Laurence
Soft piano with polyrhythmic string plucks, romantic strings & driving Brazilian style back beat. Builds
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Oui Oui 3759/6 13 mixes Raithe Laurence
Cool jazzy keys with upbeat strings, funky synth & bass groove over house beats
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Losing Faith 3758/1 17 mixes Neil Mulholland | Thomas McNeice
Gritty dark pop with distorted glam beat ethereal male vocal, plucked synths, steel drum, distorted guitar & bass-heavy synths
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Difficult Days 3758/4 19 mixes Neil Mulholland | Kirstin Lynn | Thomas McNeice
Rousing energetic indie pop with distorted guitars, sing along male vocal chorus, soaring synths, drums & bass guitar
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Nothing Lasts 3758/6 19 mixes Neil Mulholland | Kirstin Lynn | Thomas McNeice
Alternative indie pop with 80s funk guitar, drum kit, bass guitar, lead male vocal & euphoric synths
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Back From The Brink 3751/2 8 mixes Martin Williams
Driving rock shuffle groove with powerful brass, unison trumpets & guitar solo. 1970s/80s detective theme feel
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Blistering 3749/1 13 mixes Bethany Drewien | Daniel Bynum
Driving rock with powerful female vocals, bass, synthesizers, driving electric guitar, drums & acoustic guitars
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Move On (Lonely Road) 3749/3 13 mixes Bethany Drewien | Daniel Bynum
Upbeat indie rock with driving drums, reverby synth, bass, powerful female vocal, vocal fx, acoustic & electric guitar
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Radio Girl 3749/5 13 mixes Bethany Drewien | Daniel Bynum
Dark upbeat rock with gritty bass, hard hitting drums, moody female vocal, acoustic & electric guitar
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Feared Not The Frightened 3747/4 9 mixes Collin Desha | Brijesh Pandya
Fast paced indie rock with pushy drums, fuzz guitars, bass guitar, synths & lead male vocal
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By Helping Others 3746/3 26 mixes Mark Petrie
Warm fast paced strings, synths & piano build with bright melodies, building percussion & brass to triumphant ending then alt smaller ending
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Active Optimism 3746/7 23 mixes Mark Petrie | Andrew Prahlow
Uplifting & warm synths, strings & melodic piano build slowly with gentle brass & big percussion to elated, triumphant ending
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Decisive Intervention 3635/6 17 mixes Paul Mottram
Dynamic, exciting string orchestra with marimba & harp
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Deadbeat 2632/2 14 mixes Gavin Harrison | Tom Peters
Driving electro with live bass, filtered synths & effected vocal melody
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Drive Club 2632/7 15 mixes Gavin Harrison | Tom Peters
Energetic electro with synth bass & hard club beat
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Robot Juice 2632/1 14 mixes Gavin Harrison | Tom Peters
Driving electronica with cyclic synth layers, hard breaks & pounding kit
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Tokyo Breaks 2632/6 15 mixes Gavin Harrison | Tom Peters
Driving electronic build with filtered synths & pounding rhythm section
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Me Va A Quemar 2398/5 21 mixes Pete Masitti | John Andrew Barrow
Driving Latin rock song with lustful male vocal. Spanish lyrics
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Charmed Life 2396/2 11 mixes Dave James | Keith Beauvais
Grand, stately strings with trumpet fanfares, hip hop shouts & beats
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