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Into Your Arms 3690/1 15 mixes Lorenzo De Feo | Matthew Wells
Powerful indie pop relationship song with male vocal, intricate grooves, dreamy synths & syncopated guitars
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The North Shore 3680/5 7 mixes Alex Kovacs
Passionate rolling piano arpeggios build with plaintive expressive strings & surging celli
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Salvation 3680/9 5 mixes Alex Kovacs
Warm, rich & heartfelt orchestral strings with reflective piano. Wistful, heartwarming & emotional
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Skipping Stones 3680/4 5 mixes Alex Kovacs
Romantic, lilting waltz with charming strings & piano
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Smoke And Ash 3680/6 9 mixes Alex Kovacs
Introspective piano over ambient drones builds with emotional strings & pads to a soaring peak & long fade outro
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Unfaithful 3680/7 8 mixes Alex Kovacs
Sorrowful piano & orchestral strings. Romantic, passionate & heartbreaking
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Skip Havana 3678/7 9 mixes Thompson Egbo-Egbo
Upbeat, up-tempo Latin inspired jazz piano trio
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Sunny Days Aren't So Bad 3678/8 8 mixes Thompson Egbo-Egbo
Warm, relaxed & romantic jazz piano trio waltz
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Cake Cares 3672/7 10 mixes David Edward Holden
Sweet, delicate & romantic orchestral waltz
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Love Wins 3672/2 11 mixes David Edward Holden
Romantic, winsome orchestral theme with dynamic middle & end sections
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Made For Two 3672/3 10 mixes David Edward Holden
Joyful, romantic & charming orchestral theme in 12/8
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Over The City 3672/1 10 mixes David Edward Holden
Magical, gentle & enchanting orchestral theme
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Pura Verdade 3671/7 9 mixes Jair Claudino Rodrigues Junior | Guilherme Lopes Rodrigues | Pablo Love | Campbell E Browning
Evocative 1960s style Brazilian male vocal bossa ballad with acoustic guitar & soaring strings
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Quero Ela 3671/8 14 mixes Jair Claudino Rodrigues Junior | Guilherme Lopes Rodrigues | Pablo Love | Campbell E Browning
Laid back 1960s/70s style Brazilian samba funk with Latin male vocal
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Now Or Never (We Are Perfect) 3669/6 12 mixes Per Ljungqvist | George Nakas | Linn Oberg
Romantic high energy electro pop with sensual female vocals, piano, guitar, analogue synths & pads
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The Veiled 3667/6 13 mixes Matthew Slater | Dave Oliman
Floaty, wistful female vocal melody builds with celestial Omnichord & affecting strings to an emotional climax
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Twisting Fate 3667/8 13 mixes Matthew Slater | Dave Oliman
Plaintive strings build with glistening Omnichord & soaring female vocal to a stirring climax
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Always Searching 3665/5 16 mixes Jethro Chaplin | Matthew Frederick | Daniel Jones
Chilled dreamy synths, acoustic guitars, piano, bass & drums with musing "Am I searching for your love?" male vocal
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Creative Calm 3664/3 11 mixes Terry Devine-King
Beautiful touching orchestral strings with delicate piano tones & hypnotic marimba rhythm
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Made Of Dreams 3664/1 11 mixes Terry Devine-King
Uplifting, emotional orchestral strings with light arpeggiated piano pattern, warm chords & rhythmic percussion
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Domestic Bliss 3662/1 11 mixes Sofia Donavan-Lafuente | Alexander Charles Elliott | Joshua Mark Wheatley
Dreamy alt pop song with hard hitting drums, atmospheric synths, ethereal backing vocals & intimate conversational lead vocal
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So Much More To Give 3654/7 16 mixes Lewis Andrew | Chris Potter | Dominic Heneghan
Slow grooving soul/RnB love song with funky guitar riff & sexy male vocal
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Interconnect 3652/3 10 mixes Terry Devine-King
Tranquil, sophisticated & uplifting theme featuring orchestral strings, piano & marimba
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Convenceme 3644/1 9 mixes Guillermo Pascual | Edgar Fernando Rios Roman
Jaunty mariachi song sung in Spanish by female vocalist who craves assurance from her lover that his love is true
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