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Lucky Seven 3743/5 15 mixes Neil Sidwell
Mischievous, crafty pizzicato strings, marimba, xylophone, woodwind & percussion
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Peek A Boo 3743/6 11 mixes Neil Sidwell
Jaunty, mischievous pizzicato strings, xylophone, clarinet, flute & percussion
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Wally's Waltz 3743/7 17 mixes Neil Sidwell
Whimsical waltz with pizzicato strings, marimba, xylophone, woodwind & percussion
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In Or Out 3742/1 12 mixes Matt Goodman
Modern funky hip hop with synth stabs, guitar, funk bass guitar, drums, male vocals & group backing vocals
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A Brand New Start 3737/6 12 mixes Nathan Feddo | Henry White
Beat driven alt electro with 2 step garage beat, gritty bass synth, percussion, synth leads & vocal textures
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New Visions 3737/7 10 mixes Nathan Feddo | Henry White
Futuristic alt electro with staccato synth melodies, rhythmic bass, drum machines, vocal textures & alternative percussion
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Edible Emus 3727/7 10 mixes Alies Sluiter
Didgeridoo drone with playful pizzicato strings, animal noise effects & poignant cello solo ending
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Positive Mental Attitude 3719/1 10 mixes Gareth Johnson
Forward moving classic hip hop with punchy breaks, clav stabs, Rhodes, cow bell, live bass & quirky melodic hooks
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Across The Aftermath 3715/3 17 mixes Theo Travis | Paul Ressel
Ominous dark soundscape with unnerving saxophones, haunting clarinet & synth atmosphere
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Dead Calm 3715/5 14 mixes Theo Travis | Paul Ressel
Icy soundscape with slow desolate alto flute textures, deep drone bass & synth glitches
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Heart Of The Storm 3715/2 14 mixes Theo Travis | Paul Ressel
Slow moody soundscape with moody clarinets, deep drone, synths & subtle acoustic guitar textures
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Backflip 3708/9 13 mixes Cody Page
Quirky, mid-tempo, tropical party beat with kalimba, 808 bass & drums, trap hi-hats, horn stabs, tabla, watery FX & dreamy, descending electric piano
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Cherry 3708/6 11 mixes Cody Page
Chopped old school hip hop with affected piano loop, 808 bass & drums, drum loop fills, hi-hats & tape stop accents
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Deep Sea Power 3708/2 12 mixes Cody Page
Quirky hip hop with plucked koto melody, dreamy chopped orchestral loop, hard glissando bassline, 808-style drums & world percussion accents
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Glowing Water 3708/3 13 mixes Cody Page
Quirky driving hip hop with Wurlitzer chord pattern, hard 808 bassline & drums, trap hi-hats, synth pizzicato strings & flowing synth flute melody
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Husky Party 3708/4 13 mixes Cody Page
Quirky, hypnotic hip hop with chopped piano flourish, glock accents, synth stabs, swaggering synth hook, bass & live drum loop
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Lifts All Boats 3708/8 12 mixes Cody Page
Quirky hip hop with chiptune synth, hard-tuned vocal sample, mandolin & pitched flute melody over 808 sub-bass, bouncy 808-style drums & shaker
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Silver Gloves 3708/5 12 mixes Cody Page
Head-nodding hip hop with distorted organ riff, synth pad choruses, synth blip melody & pitched flute hook over hard bass, drums & found percussion
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Summer Gum 3708/7 12 mixes Cody Page
Driving, quirky hip hop with chopped & pitched piano, vocal samples, hard 808 bassline & drums, trap hi-hats & Wurlitzer hooks
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Super Chief 3708/10 12 mixes Cody Page
Positive hip hop with flute melody, upbeat Wurlitzer chords, Mellotron pads, singing synths & glock accents, over 808 bass, drums & found sounds
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Xenon 3708/1 14 mixes Cody Page
Uplifting hip hop with toy piano chords, pizz string layers, ambient female vocal samples & dreamy FX over hard 808 bassline & hypnotic drums
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Trap Powers 3705/11 6 mixes Fred Chegwin Berry
Cool, otherworldly EDM trap with rising & falling arpeggiated synth, hard hitting drums & vocal FX
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You Can Do It 3695/5 8 mixes George Georgia
Grooving hip hop with warped horn stabs, broken piano, synths, DJ scratching & positive drum beats
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Ice Cubes 3694/5 10 mixes Gareth Johnson
Off kilter hip hop with 808 bass, trap hats, digital synth FX & strange percussion
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Scraps And Screws 3693/2 10 mixes Jody Jenkins | Alexander Duggan
Quirky carnival samba workout with silly car horn, raspy brass, massed drums & scrapyard percussion
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